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You Need To Know all About True vitamin With Iodine


We are living in a world that is very hectic and with deadlines.  There are times very often that meals take the backside, and the schedule is disturbed. At times we are not concerned about what we eat and how we eat. More lifestyle disorders happen because of pollution in the air, water, and food.  This may cause infectious diseases.  That is why we use products from nature to sustain health. The herbs are safe, pure, and effective nutritionally. Neuherbs is undoubtedly a high-quality product prepared from the quality material from nature. 

The way the products are manufactured ensures quality at its best.  The manufacturing is innovative with novel combinations and tested. It is for this reason the product is accepted and compliant in the market. 

Neuherbs has essential vitamins, minerals herbs and upholds vitamin K meant for heart care. The addition of iodine for essential and total well-being. This herbal tablet is a once-a-day dose and completes nutrition requirements through it. 

The product is packed every month after manufacturing. The shelf life of Neuherbs True Vitamins with Iodine is 18 months from the printed date of manufacture. There is no dope in the product and all age group adults can use it.  Neuherbs True vitamin is every day multiple formulae. It comprises 12 vitamins, 8 minerals, and herbs with iodine and is vitamin K-free. This product also helps in weight loss goals. Once you place the order it takes 3-4 business days to deliver at the doorsteps. 


Our company hopes to become India’s biggest and very dependable brand which vouches for purity, is safe, competent nutrition product in the world which is advancing fast. 


The raw material in use is feasible and safe in raw material. Thus, the final product is of high quality and nutritive filling up the food gap in the body.  Those leading busy schedules and missing meals can enhance their health by use of this product.  Use it as a supplement. People from all walks of life can afford this supplement. It has been scientifically tested and derived from Nature.

Sustainable for all 

Not many will be familiar with the brand name Neuherbs true vitamin. As the name suggests the product relates to nutrition. Its authenticity is gauged by the fact that ICMR or Indian Council of Medical Research guidelines are fulfilled in the making of the product.  Another organization the Codex Alimentarius Commission has also sanctioned the overall wellness from the consumption of the product. Thus, the quality is dependable, and consumers should not harbor doubts in the mind.  The nutrition products like 3 in 1 complete formula consisting of multivitamin, multimineral, and multiherb. These products accomplish daily nutritional needs, especially micronutrients.   It is a formula consisting of multivitamin, multimineral and multi herb which aid in the nourishment of the body and even implement the daily nutritional requirement of the body. 

Quality control

Quality control is of major concern. Without exception, every batch undergoes inspection for laid down government standards through scientific methods. The bottle has a detailed list of what is used in the making of medicine. We believe in healing by the wisdom of nature through our products.  The raw material is high-quality and pure. This innovative tonic is without harmful additives, preservatives, colors, flavors extra sugar, or salt. You are unlikely to develop an allergy through its use. We depend on nature for ingredients. 

The appearance of Triple Immune C

Inventive Neuherbs triple Immune C tablets preparation by traditional raw products improves vitamin C absorption. The seasonal fluctuating temperature which is likely to lead to illness is controlled and well-being status maintained. Other benefits are-

  • Resistance to infection
  • Mend body tissues
  • Betterment in immune activity.
  • Reform Free radicals 
  • Assist in throwing out toxins present in the body. Detoxify the body and blood circulation becomes better.
  • The skin radiates good health.
  • Calcium Ascorbate is non-acidic vitamin C aids in averting acidity issues with Vitamin C consuming
  • It extends additional care to immune health.
  • You consume time-tested ancient Ayurvedic Indian herbs. 



Some of the advantages are as follows; –

  • These aid healthy growth and development
  • Boosts in maintaining brain and bone health
  • Blood sugar levels are supported 
  • It also aids in supporting skin, hair, and nail health.
  • Stamina gets better.


 Once an order is placed an order ID given will help you to track the status of the order on the website.  There is a return and refund policy.