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Why Use Influencer Marketing Solutions?

Social media is a great medium of propagating an idea, product, brand, etc. In the present digital age, with the growth of social media, the marketing of the product has become easier. Influencer marketing is a method of propagating a brand or its products via influential people on digital platforms. Influencers, unlike celebrities, can be anybody with a good number of the audience following them. There are many categories of influencer marketing, such as mega, micro, macro, advocate, referral, and loyalist Marketing, with the help of social media, which is easier. It reaches a wider spectrum of the audience that also looks fascinating and provocative is known as micro-influencer marketing. Its different celebrity endorsement in a very simple term; that is, the influences used by the brand are common people who have a general audience they cater to. People are a more genuine source of any review or recommendation for the buyers. The followers of these people are real-time people than bots or spammers; hence it targets real potential buyers.

Who is a micro-influencer? 

Micro-influencers are people on social media platforms that have an optimum number of followers or audience to target. The figure is between 1000- 1,000,000. Micro-influencers real customers and their reviews are taken honestly by their peers. They can be used to target a specific niche market in a particular geographical area. Micro-influencers are a great medium for audience communication, and brand propagation than their counterparts as the engagement ratio is higher as well.

Why use micro-influencer marketing?

  • Micro-influencers are an ocean of possibilities: There is a large number of people that have 1,000- 10,000 followers, which is apt for the micro-influencer niche. You can find micro-influencers for almost any of the categories for your product or service and also great numbers to choose from. In short, you can never get out of options, even in most remote areas.
  • Higher rate of engagement: Micro-influencers target smaller groups of spectators, and it is easier to maintain constant contact with interested audiences. The people feel more connected to the influencer and see them and find them credible and “like themselves.” Hence people find information from these micro-influencers trustworthy. A lesser number of followers means lesser trash of spam accounts and bots. There is a greater number of potential buyers or spectators that might get affected by the influencer’s activity. The connection is a more realistic bond and helps in advocating and propagating the brand on a more personal basisMicro influencer marketing solutions hence offers a more positive result than the macro- influencer marketing.

Who can get benefit from micro-influencer marketing?

This method of marketing is cost-effective and very impactful, which makes it perfect for all sorts of enterprises, from low budget startups to global brands. There is a wide range of sectors that can invest in this method of marketing. A few of them, namely are fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, business, travel, and technology. The cost of hiring an influencer is also very low as compared to a celebrity.

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