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Why Legions in the 21st Century Need Blue Light Glasses

Are you reading this post? Then certainly you are active on the screen of your computer, laptops, or mobile phones. You might be wearing glasses for vision correctness or you might be staring at your screens with naked eyes. And seriously sitting in front of screens is harming your eyes to another level that there might even be a day when you can be blind! And this is the reason why blue light glasses came to rescue your eyes from the harms.

How the screens are harming you?

The white light that surrounds us all has many colours like violet, indigo, red, green that we all might have seen when there is a rainbow out there. Out of all those colours the colour that spreads the most-  Blue colour which is also responsible for making the sky blue. This colour constitutes the blue light that is continuously reflected from the spectrum of light and also when this white light bounces to our screens the light that scatters the most is the blue light. The blue light that is continuously emitted from the screens, from the CFLs, and from the tube lights harms our eyes and has devastating effects.

What are the harms of blue light?

  • So what effect does blue light really have on the body? Disastrously, it isn’t just about affecting one’s sleep cycle, different impacts of blue light are related to weight increase, depression, and heart ailments and even a couple of cancer cells growth. 
  • Melatonin- a hormone produced by our body has properties that decrease the growth of cancerous cells and low degrees of it during the night can extend the threat of having cancer. In one assessment, women who worked late evenings and night shifts had low melatonin levels and a 50 – 75% increase in cancerous cells growth. 
  • People exposed to blue light during the night have a lower level of insulin creation. This leads to acquiring more fat in the body and people will end up gaining weight due to the late-night food they eat . Furthermore it also includes the odds of diabetes. 
  • Blue light can damage the light-sensitive cells present in the retina which is in general called Macular Degeneration. This further leads to weak eyes and can even harm your eyes to the extent that there may be complete blindness. 
  • Affecting your sleep hours, even making you sleep-deprived because the blue light entering the eyes signals the brain to stay awake and can even yield no sleep nights. 
  • Eye fatigue, strained eyes, frequent headaches are all because of the blue-light that seeps in while working on screens.

What will be the best blue light protection measure?

There are many solutions like you can buy temporary screen guards, or there might be some filters already activated on your phone or laptop. But the best among all of them will be to have lenses that have a coating to protect your eyes from the blue light and also those filter outs the blue light. The next question that will pop out in the mind of many will be- How these fashion glasses prevent the entry of blue light in your eyes?

When you are wearing blue light filter glasses then these glasses reflect the blue-light again in the surroundings and thus, protect your eyes. Whereas in case of the ordinary lenses blue-light passes through the lenses easily.

The best place to buy fashion glasses with a blue light coating 

Giving your eyes the best care and preventives ranks first in the “To-Do” list of all. One of the best manufacturers of blue light glasses in the UK is Specscart. They provide X-Blue lenses- the next generation of blue light lenses that are made for the modern age Millenials and with the leading technology to protect your eyes to its best. These blue light lenses can fit in any frame of your choice so that protection of your can be easily maintained while keeping your fashion senses intact.

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