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Why Consider Silestone Worktops For Modern Homes?

Do you want to add sophistication and practicality to your home with a perfect kitchen? If so, Silestone is the best worktop material to consider. This durable man-made stone is available in endless colours and designs, including natural stone patterns. Hence, you can even get the appeal of natural stone with this engineered material.

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Silestone has come out to be a fierce competitor for natural stones like granite and marble. It is because it is durable and harder compared to natural stones. It is virtually indestructible with regular wear and tears. Furthermore, its non-porous surface makes it highly resistant to stains, scratches and bacteria. Hence, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Although quartz is sold under various brands like Caesarstone, CRL, Compac, etc., Silestone has always been a remarkable name in the industry. Bearing all the benefits of the engineered quartz, Silestone kitchen worktops have become a popular choice of modern homeowners for a reason.

Reasons To Consider Silestone Worktops

Since Silestone is available in endless colours and designs, including marble or granite-effect surfaces, there are various ways to use it in a contemporary living space.

If you are planning to remodel or create a new kitchen, here are some fantastic reasons to consider Silestone worktops London:

  1. Beauty

Natural stones have a timeless beauty and appeal to them. But the problem with natural stones is that they have a porous surface, which is prone to staining, scratches or etching. However, there are no such issues with Silestone countertops, as they are highly resistant to daily wear and tear even in the busiest kitchen spaces.

Furthermore, Silestone worktops also mimic natural stones like marble and granite. So, you can bring home the natural essence of marble or granite but without having to deal with their flaws due to porosity.

  1. Add Value to Your Property

Since Silestone worktops can mimic the luxury natural stones, such as granite and marble, they add aesthetics charm and a certain level of class to a modern property. Moreover, due to their hard and durable worktop surface, these worktops are perfect for even the most used kitchen areas.

  1. Extreme Durability

The natural quartz is known for its strength and durability. Since Silestone kitchen worktops contain 90% natural quartz and some other resins, pigments and raw materials, their surface becomes extraordinarily resilient and hard. It is an excellent material not just for kitchens worktops but also for bathroom countertops, wall cladding, flooring, etc. All these qualities make Silestone worktops advantageous and something that can withstand the requirements of busy kitchens regularly. Once installed, Silestone can easily last for many years without any need for a replacement like some other surface materials. A natural stone worktop will last for many years and will not require replacement like other surface materials.

  1. Available in Several Natural Colours and Patterns

The natural colours of natural stones are considered quite appealing. But withSilestone kitchen worktops, you can get the same natural-looking colours and patterns for your home interior.

Silestone comes in over 90 colours, making it a versatile material for modern homes. Its availability in so many colours helps designers to blend it into any interior easily. Even different texture and pattern choices make it ideal to complement various construction projects. With three different finishes, such as polished, volcano and suede, the design possibilities are endless.

  1. Cost-Effective

Silestone worktops are viewed as a long-term investment and hence, are cost-effective. Though the initial costs may be a bit more than some alternative materials, the fact that it can easily stand the test of time for several years makes it an ideal worktop material for urban properties. If you choose Silestone in marble or granite effect surface, you’d be adding elegance to your property, along with functionality. Considering all these benefits, it may not be as expensive as you might have thought initially.

  1. Resistant to Humidity

If you are planning to change your kitchen worktop, it’s essential to choose the one that fits all your requirements. Silestone kitchen worktops being non-porous are highly resistant to humidity, as it won’t absorb moisture. Due to the non-porous surface, this material won’t easily stain from food items like lemon, coffee, wine, vinegar, oil, turmeric, etc. Due to its water-resistance, this material is also an ideal choice for bathrooms or wet rooms.

  1. Anti-Microbial

As mentioned above that the non-porous Silestone surface is resistant to water, there won’t be any chances of bacterial or microbial growth (which is common in humid or wet conditions). That’s why this worktop material is hygienic for food preparation areas, as well as bathrooms.

  1. Relatively Low Maintenance

While many surface materials may need more maintenance, Silestone kitchen worktops, on the whole, are quite low maintenance. Therefore, they suit modern homeowner requirements with a busy lifestyle.

For instance, marble needs special care and a special cleaner for keeping its surface clean. It even needs time-to-time sealing to protect the surface from routine wear and tear. On the other hand, there is no need to worry about such flaws if you have installed Silestone worktops. Plus, its non-porous surface makes it stronger than any natural stone.