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Why Companies are Making Psychometric Tests a Part of their Recruitment Process

A Psychometric Test is a boon to any company. And the assessment that may be carried out with this test is pretty different from any ordinary assessment. You will be glad to know that psychometric tests don’t emphasize on educational qualification alone, and there might also be college dropouts among the candidates such a test deems suitable for a company. But that shouldn’t bother your much! Even a dropout might do well and prove to be a game changer for your company. So, these tests are, in one word, important!

Now, check out some of the most important reasons why psychometric tests are making it to the recruitment strategies of a lot of companies across the world-

  • Recruitment is not entirely about hiring people that will do your work with blinders on. Yes, many companies will render it the sole important criterion, but it’s not so. Apart from the work calibre of a candidate, you must also know how well he will be able to gel with the other members of his team and the office. One more thing you must be sure about is that he will be able to fit in the culture of your company. While some workplace cultures are too formal, others are too casual, and in some companies the environment lies somewhere between these two extremes. Knowing whether or not a candidate will be able to fit in your office’s culture is important to make sure they stick around for longer. An employee, unhappy with the work culture at some company will probably not stay there for long. Thankfully, psychometric tests unearth this side of the personality of your candidates too.
  • This test makes sure there is consistency in the process of recruitment. Since it is the same for everyone, the candidates get a level playing field to show their mettle. This test standardises the recruitment process in a seamless manner and you can rein in a good staff without allowing any favouritism or fowl play to creep in.
  • And remember, it is not just fair for you but also the candidates applying for the vacancies in your company. After all, all of them go through the same recruitment process. No different questions for different employees like what happens in an interview. If you are an employer who takes interview every now and then, then you are probably familiar with the feeling employers get when they don’t really feel good but still have to undertake an interview. This often makes them end up curtailing the interview sessions for candidates they meet on that day. Maybe the previous day, when they were more active, they focused more on reining in the right candidates. Such things often happen, so, candidates often feel cheated on when they get to know how easy the questions asked to their counterparts were. With a psychometric test, you can entirely do away with this possibility.

Now, that you know why other companies bigger or smaller than you or of your magnitude are taking to psychometric test, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

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