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Why Authentic Jewelry is Worth It Compared to Faux

If you’re planning to buy jewelry, you have to choose between getting authentic or faux. Which one is better? Let’s just set it straight. The only reason for buying faux jewelry is you want to save money. Otherwise, there’s no point in buying it.

Authentic jewelry lasts longer

Since authentic jewelry used precious stones and minerals, there’s a guarantee that it will last longer. You can keep the item for years, and it will be in excellent condition. As long as you take great care of it, it will look great. Fake jewelry will most likely fade after one use. It might also break since the materials aren’t sturdy enough.

Real jewelry appreciates

Another reason for investing in real jewelry is that its value increases over time. You might have to spend more to buy it, but you will also get more if you decide to sell it in the future. Faux jewelry has no resale value. No one would even think about buying it from you at a lower price.

You can personalize authentic options

There are different choices for authentic pieces. You can buy in local stores or go online. Even if you already found many options, you can step up and go for a personalized gold name necklace. It makes you feel more special. You can have your name on the piece, and no one else has it.

People will notice

You might think that people can’t distinguish authentic from fake pieces of jewelry. The truth is they can. When you attend formal events, guests will notice when you’re wearing fake jewelry. You don’t want to embarrass yourself during that event.

You want to attract attention

You also wear authentic jewelry to look great. People will notice you and say something good about you. A quality piece will compliment your overall appearance. While it captures attention, it’s also about how you carry yourself.

You can build a collection

When you started buying quality pieces of jewelry, you will keep on purchasing more. Eventually, it becomes a collection. You can display your collection and tell a story about each piece. When you have faux jewelry, you can’t brag about them. No one wants to see these pieces.

You deserve a reward

Even if you have to spend more on authentic jewelry, it’s worth it. You will feel rewarded. After working hard to provide for other people, it’s time that you also provide for yourself. Besides, it’s not something you usually do. If a quality piece of jewelry of high-value interests you, buy one.

Given these reasons, you should start looking at authentic pieces that would be great for you. Start by getting to know your style. Look at your wardrobe and determine which pieces will go well with your clothes. Set a budget too. While you want to invest in authentic jewelry, you can’t go beyond the budget. Consider buying a more expensive item next time if you have enough money to do so.