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Why and When is Credit Score Important in Your Life?

Are you facing financial crises? Do you need money for renovating your house or to support the wedding of your child? Well, whatever be the case, you can always go for a loan. You can look for the loans that are useful, effective and apt for you.

The way you go through tech tips, make sure that you check out the tips related to loans. There are myriad of options in the loans and you must be careful which one you should go for. But then, if think that getting a loan is that easy then you are mistaken. You should have a good credit score and only then you can avail a loan.

What is this score all about?

You know credit Information Bureau (India) Limited, generally known as CIBIL, is the first Credit Information Company or Credit Bureau in India. It upkeeps records of all credit-related actions and activities of individuals and firms including all communications on loans and credit cards. This widespread data allows lenders to make informed decisions on assessing applications for loans in the country.

The credit activity that gets recorded might include details of every single loan or credit card repayment that has been made (or missed or delayed); each loan or credit card application and corresponding endorsement or rejection; number and age of that of the credit accounts; complete credit limit; credit balance and even that of credit utilization ratio, amidst other detailed data. The records get submitted to CIBIL by registered member banks and other type of financial institutions on anepisodic (generally monthly) basis. On the grounds of this data, CIBIL issues a Credit Information Report or that of CIR (commonly said as a credit report) and a credit cibilscore.

The type of loan you want, you can get it after knowing its review.  ThisCIBIL credit score is type of a three-digit number that is between 300 and 900. It is grounded mainly on your present and past loan/credit card repayment history, amidst other factors. It would get the potential lenders an idea about your credit health and your readiness and ability to repay the debts you have on time.Since the tech world is expanding, you can easily get the best use of apps and platforms.  You can check out One Score App and this is going to tell you about your score no matter for credit cards, loans or anything.

If you were thinking how to check cibilscore, then this app would help you for sure. Remember that generally your credit cibil score is included in your credit report and that is a comprehensive document detailing your present and past credit activity. The better your credit history, the upper your score is going to be. Of course, if you have any doubts about the loans, the cibil score and the importance it has for you in the loan you take; you can check out the informative video by Govind. He would explain everything to you in the best and easiest manner.


So, you should know about the scores and only then apply for the loans so that you don’t get rejected.