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Who are the typical applicants for the Global Talent Visa in Digital Technology?


The Global Talent Visa is a UK immigration category that is particularly designed for talented and promising individuals to work in a qualifying field or run a business in the field of expertise. The applicant must be endorsed as a  recognized leader (exceptional talent), or as an emerging leader (exceptional promise) endorsed by the organisation relevant to the qualifying field, also known as UK Endorsement body. The endorsing bodies are The Royal Society (for Science and Medicine), The Royal Academy of Engineering, The British Academy (for humanities), Tech Nation (for digital technology), Arts Council England (for arts and culture), and UK Research and Innovation (for research applicants).

As far as Global Talent Visa in digital technology is concerned, it welcomes the brightest talent to come and work in the UK’s digital technology sector and enables them to contribute their cutting-edge expertise to maintain the UK’s position at the forefront of the global digital economy. Each applicant is expected to demonstrate to Tech Nation a successful career history as an innovator in the field of digital technology either as a recognized leader in the digital technology industry (exceptional talent) or as an emerging leader in the digital technology industry (exceptional promise).

Typical Applicants

Tech Nation accepts applications from applicants with Technical and business backgrounds in the digital technology sector. Technical Applicants are expected to demonstrate technical expertise in the latest technologies encompassing from building to exploiting technology stack and fabricating technical infrastructure. Business applicants must demonstrate evidence of commercial, investment, or product expertise in fabricating digital products.

Examples of Technical Skills

Tech Nation Visa accepts technical skills in the form of DevOps/ SysOps engineers, principal software engineer/developers, experienced data scientists/data engineers, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language, Processing and Machine Learning Experts, Cybersecurity Experts, Hardware engineers, Experienced front-end developers, Operating system engineers, experienced video game developers, experienced UI/UX designers, experienced mobile app developers, experienced back end developers, CTO or VP engineering experience, and virtual and augmented reality developers.

Examples of Business Skills

Technical Visa accepts specialism in business skills which include the experience of leading substantial VC investment, experience as a commercial/ business lead in digital business, the experience of expanding product-led digital technology business, sector-specific experience in fintech, solution sales experts, experienced product manager, SaaS, solution sales expert, performance marketing experts, experienced and senior VC or PE analysts, and experience as C Suite in SMEs or head of operations or digital business.

Global Talent Visa Eligibility Criteria

  • Exceptional Talent

Exceptional Talent is one of the two options for applicants applying for endorsement from Tech Nation. Applicants must hold a proven record of innovation and proof of recognition for work outside immediate occupation that has actually contributed to the advancement of the sector. Qualifying criteria calls for recognition as a leading talent, undergone continuous learning of new digital skills, and must have demonstrated exceptional ability by making an academic contribution through research or endorsed by experts.

  • Exceptional Problem

Applicants under exceptional promise are likely to be earlier in the career with 5 years or less commercial experience. Therefore, the applicant is yet to establish a track of innovation. However, the applicants must demonstrate their potential to be a leader in the domain of digital technology by substantiating evidence to support skills and achievements in the form of providing innovation in the digital technology domain. The applicant must also provide proof of recognition for work outside the immediate occupation. Qualifying criteria under exceptional problem call for significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contributions, recognised as having the potential to be a talent, undergone continuous learning, and evidence to prove exceptional ability in the qualifying field by making remarkable academic contributions.

The application process starts with an application for Global Talent Visa endorsement where the endorsing body (tech Nation) assesses the skills, abilities, and achievements of the applicant. The endorsing body further advises the Home office if the individual can be endorsed. One must note that the step may take up to  8 weeks to be processed. If the applicant has been successful in receiving an endorsement from the endorsing body (Tech Nation), then he or she can proceed to apply for the visa. One must take into consideration that the endorsing body (Tech Nation) is not involved in the stage of Application for Visa. The Home office will assess immigration aspects and can take up to 3 weeks to finish the process.

If you have required expertise in digital technology and want to work in the UK’s digital technology sector, Global Talent Visa is for you.