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Which Areas Of London Are Best For Buying Jewellery & Why?

London has a rich history and vibrancy that attracts many people both from the UK and abroad. Nothing embodies these aspects quite like the shopping experience. With minimum effort, you can get any jewelry no matter how simple or eccentric.

However, you still have to be mindful of the street you choose to go hunting for jewelry. Some neighborhoods may be sketchy, and as you might know, the prices vary according to the street as well. The best thing about shopping for jewelry in London is there are several specialized shops in certain quarters of the city.

Such a convenience ensures you can pop into several shops and get to get a variation of prices and quality. There are plenty of shops, some with centuries of experience in craft and customer service. Without much ado here are some of the areas you should consider when buying jewelry in London.

  • Hatton garden

Hatton garden is home to a wide variety of skilled jewelers and specialized shops. This area of London can be said to be the bespoke jewelry capital of London if not the UK. Accessing this neighborhood is accessible through the underground.

You can get off at Chancery Lane, though it is a bit of a trek. You can also access the area by bus and get alight at Holborn Circus fetter lane (stop J) or at Charterhouse Street (stop M). Parking is ample and available in this area as well.

With over 20 jewelry shops visitors to this are spoilt of choice. These shops include Handleys of London, smith & green jewelers, Queensmith Master Jewellers, and many more that would need a more extensive article.


  • Old Bond Street

Bond Street, Mayfair London features the most luxurious diamond jewelers, retailers, and brands in the world. Five-star hotels, auction houses, fine art galleries as well as a host of luxury shops encompass this area of London.

Unfortunately, this means that you may have to part significantly more with each purchase. This area is accessible through the underground and has plenty of parking space. Shoppers visiting this area are also spoilt of choice, from luxury stores such as Cartier, channel, Tiffany’s to old trusted brands such as De Beers.


  • New Bond Street

Just a stone’s throw away from Old Bond Street you can find plenty of jewelers and brand names on New Bond Street. This area is famed for overpriced jewelry, as many of the stores are name brands. You end up paying more for the brand on the box than the actual metal, diamond, or craftsmanship, Best Bridal Jewellery Shopping that went into the piece of jewelry.

Such stores also have their grading system, which means you will not receive independent certification from the GIA that comes with an authentic diamond purchase. However, nothing tingles a girl’s senses like receiving a cool piece of jewelry in a blue Cartier box or a red De Beer’s box. It’s also worth noting that certification from such brands will suffice as proof of authenticity.

  • Mount Street

A slight trot from Bond Street will get you to Mount Street and its host of jewelry shops. Here you will find shops like Pragnell, Steven Webster and Georg Jensen. Most of the shops here feature jewelry that is edgy, cool, and bespoke in design.

In the case of Steven Webster, you can get gothic themes set in gold and embellished in diamonds and other precious stones. Mount Street can, therefore, be said to be London’s new home luxury across all sectors.

  • Oxford street

If you are interested in anything from vintage, boho chic to heirloom pieces, make that turn towards Oxford Street. This area of London features the largest concentration of studios and trusted stores.

What’s more, it is the wide choice you get on prices should you opt to visit this street. There are plenty of cafes you can take a break from when shopping. This street has plenty of parking options and is easily accessible through the underground or by bus.

Another handy thing to take note of is the fact that the underground station is part of London’s step-free 2020 initiative. Therefore, if you plan to visit in the future, you will enjoy the experience of accessing the area.

  • Sloane street

BVLGARI, Graff, Cartier, Boodles, and Tiffany & Co are just a few of the high-end luxury stores you can find in this area. You can also find other notable shops like Cassandra Goad and Laurence Coste that offer more affordable pieces of jewelry.

These stores are close to the underground station at Sloane square. A walk from the station takes you less than 5 minutes. If you opt to drive to this area, there are an adequate number of parking structures with easy access. Just remember that parking space is not for the frugal when you visit London.

  • Soho

A visit to London is never complete without sampling the many delights that Soho has to offer.  This area is one of the most exciting and vibrant places you could ever hope to visit in not just in the UK but in the world as well.

Among these delights, there are plenty of jewelry shops that offer the best quality in material and craftsmanship. Such shops include Joy Everley fine jewelers, Mappin & Webb, the great Frog Soho, and MOR jewelry.

Soho is located in the center of all the other streets mentioned in the course of this article. Such a location provides an ideal resting point as you visit various shops in search of jewelry. You can also enjoy the many restaurants, galleries as well as sample the nightlife.

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