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Which Are the Common Shoulder Injuries That Occur While Playing Football?

Shoulder Injuries That Occur While Playing Football

Football is an active sport that requires players to run fast, change movements suddenly, and even tackle with players to get the ball. Thus, the nature of the game makes footballers prone to getting orthopedic injuries.

One of the common locations where an injury could occur in footballers includes the shoulder. While tackling with other players, falling directly on the shoulder, and even an impact with other players could result in a shoulder injury. In this post, we are going to discuss common football-related shoulder injuries. In most cases, these injuries can be treated non-operatively but serious conditions like dislocated shoulders may require surgery using orthopedic implants.

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Football-Related Shoulder Injuries


Shoulder Tendonitis

Repetitive overhead movements are common in football and that is the main reason why shoulder tendonitis is common in footballers. In this injury, inflammation of tendons present in the shoulder occurs resulting in pain. Excessive throwing motions are one of the causes of this condition in football players. Disability of the shoulder including limited movement is seen in shoulder tendonitis. Rest, application of ice packs and wrapping could be helpful in relieving symptoms of the condition.


Shoulder Dislocation

This injury could be serious and may require surgery to be fixed. It could occur due to overly strenuous arm movement or if one player collides with another causing a great impact. It is characterized by the separation of the humerus and scapula joint. This is a painful condition and may also be treated non-operatively in non-serious cases.


Shoulder Separation

There are multiple shoulder injuries footballers are prone to and one of them is the separation of the shoulder. This injury is known to be more serious than shoulder dislocation as it involves partial or complete tearing of the ligaments from the scapula stabilizing the clavicle. One of the reasons why this injury could occur is due to a direct blow on the shoulder when one player collides with another.


Anterior Shoulder Instability

This is the condition characterized by the slipping of the humeral head in and out from the socket of the shoulder. This injury is common among players who require to frequently throw the ball to a far-away distance. Anterior shoulder instability could become chronic instability if it occurs frequently. Non-operative treatment procedure is preferred in non-serious cases whereas; surgery is required in serious events.


The above mentioned are some of the common shoulder injuries seen in football players. Most of these injuries can be treated without surgery like taking proper rest, application of ice, and wrapping, but if diagnosis of the condition is delayed, it could become worse and surgery may be required.

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