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When Is The Need For a Kidney Transplant?

Cheapest Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is one of the permanent treatment procedures for end-stage renal failures. When the kidney stops to function to approximately 80% of its original function, then there are only two ways for the treatment. Either the patient can undergo dialysis or the kidney transplant procedure.

Kidney dialysis is not a permanent solution and cannot allow a person to live longer and healthier. It is just a substitute until you find a suitable donor. If you wish to improve the quality of life, you will have to undergo the kidney transplant process.

One can receive the Cheapest Kidney Transplant in India. Also, the chances of the success of the treatment are approximately 95 to 98%. Once you have undergone the kidney transplant, you can live back the healthy life after the recovery from the Kidney Transplant Surgery.

How Kidney Transplant Help You To Initiate A Healthy Lifestyle After The Kidney Failure?

The dialysis process can never restore the function of the kidney. It can just restore the purpose of the organ for a period of eight to ten days. Also, that is only when the condition of the kidney is not that bad.

Now, if the patient is in a more critical condition, then you might even require to visit to the hospital to receive the dialysis process for a span of two to three times a week. In such a condition, it is tough for the patient and family to cope up.

Also, there is a risk to the life of the patient. Now, if the patient is undergoing the Kidney Transplant, there are no such complications. Once the transplant is done, the patient after the recovery does not require to visit the hospital frequently.

The patient needs to go to the hospital only for the follow-up schedule dates that too for the check-up. The diagnosis is essential to know that the patient does not suffer from any complications after the transplant.

Also, you would require to visit the hospital monthly or quarterly depending on their condition for the follow-up. Also, the monitoring is only for the initial one to two years. After that, if everything goes smoothly, you can live your life carefreely.

Most of the patients who undergo the transplant process under the experienced doctors and surgeons; there is minimum or low chances of complications. Also, there is a minimum chance that a patient can receive a prolonged life with the dialysis process. On the contrary, if the patient undergoes the Kidney Transplant process, then he can live for a minimum of 5 to 10 years.

Final Words:

If you are available with the related donor, you can get the Best Kidney Transplant Cost in India. You can save your life along with keeping the expenses to the minimum. The maximum costs for a kidney transplant process in India is USD 12,500 to 15,000. You will save a minimum of 50 to 60% of your expenses in other countries when you plan your treatment in India.