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Whatsapp and instagram first major updates in January 2018

After Facebook acquired both these popular apps, there has been continues minor updates rolling out every week. Making the apps more user friendly and adding coolest features to them is always their highest priority. There were many changes added to these whatsapp and instagram in the last year, some of them heavily criticised like adding stories to Facebook mobile app which were originally on snapchat. In this New Year we can expect lot more changes going to happen to two apps. However, recently there are two big upgrades were added to these apps! Let’s check them.

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Ever since the instagram added stories feature they became instant famous and opened big possibilities for the business people and influences around world. Though it was better way to tell the daily happenings to your followers and people interested with your profile, sometimes the effort you put to create the content is being stolen by the people and they are stealing free from you. The content can be used for any reasons but its yours! So after testing this feature for few days finally instagram added this important notification feature internally.

By adding this now instagram users will notifies, if any records or take screenshots of your stories by using some detecting mechanisms. You will get notification as “he has taken a screenshot”/”he has recorded the phone screen”. Even instagram will check if they are trying to bypass the screenshot taken notifications by deploying detection programs. However, this feature is not enable to everyone yet but in near future it will be rolled out internally form their side. When it is enable, you will get notified on your instagram.

Whatsapp Now plays Youtube Videos directly inside it

This is one of the most waiting features on whatsapp because there are tons of youtubes videos we want to share with our friends and family. Previously, when you share youtube links they will redirect to to play the videos, it pretty time consuming for some people! Because it has to jump from one place to another place in your phone, actually one to another app! Some times more frustrating because apps consume ram storages and that causes phones to get hanged!

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With latest feature now we can able to plat the videos of youtube right inside the whatsapp. Just tap on the link and bang! The videos will play inside whatsapp, so there is no need to open another app for our phone. This feature is spotted first on whatsapp beta versions for iOS, 2.18.11.

When you share the video in whatsapp or share the link a play button bubble will be displayed on preview, just tap on it by default the video will be played in picture-in-picture mode. To enable full screen mode just another time on the video. You can only watch the video if you are on same chat window where the video url shared, if you change the chat window the video will be closed, so this is bit limitation for the youtube support here.

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Both whatsapp and instagram getting similar by adding look alike features but these two different features appeared on jan 2018 different than stories added in whatsapp and instagram. We heard there will more cool features are under development at this moment. We will update as soon as we heard about them and also will give you an update when these two features are made enabled for public. Mean while what do you think about these features?? Just let us know by commenting below.