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What Makes the Paso CBD Vape Pen so Great?

What Makes the Paso CBD Vape Pen so Great

When we started Paso, we wanted to create a product range that could appeal to all different types of CBD takers – those that were perhaps newer to CBD and wanted to consume CBD in more recognisable formats or as a daily supplement but also those who wanted CBD in  format that was akin to smoking cannabis. So we developed a range of CBD edible and vape products to suit the full spectrum of CBD lovers and newbies. In this post, we wanted to chat to you about one of our most popular CBD products for sale in the UK – the CBD oil vape pen.  We will also explain why we think that it is one of the best, on the cheaper side, CBD oil vape pens available on the UK market at the moment – highlighting that you don’t have to skimp on quality and style for something that is affordable.  

Vaping CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as it is seen to be the most effective way of ingesting CBD. This is because, unlike CBD edibles, when vaping CBD, the CBD does not pass through your digestive system so absorbs into the bloodstream quicker due to the high surface area and blood flow to the lungs. Also, many people prefer to vape CBD as it more closely resembles how you would normally smoke cannabis and is more comparable to its flavour profile. 

We love to vape CBD and so when we started Paso it was extremely important for us to have a CBD oil vape pen in our product range. We also were disappointed with the selection of CBD oil vape pens on sale in the UK and felt there was room for something more affordable, but that was still stylish and had all the necessary functionality to either vape CBD vape oil or CBD e liquids. All the cheap CBD vape pens for sale in the UK were exactly that, cheap and ugly and had overlooked functionality and quality,  so we set about designing an affordable cannabis vape pen that had the following attributes: 


Due to the environmental implications, our CBD oil vape pen had to be reusable and therefore rechargeable for ongoing use. Not only does this mean you can continue to use the device once your CBD cartridge is finished, but you are also not limited to the flavour and strength of the cartridge that would have come with the disposable CBD oil vape pen and can instead choose any CBD cartridge that is compatible. Our vape pen comes with an impressive 350mAh battery capacity which is the amount you are able to use in between charges meaning you can go for a number of puffs before you need to plug it in.


It was very important to us that our pen did not limit people on how or what CBD they wanted to vape. We chose a 510 thread vape battery (meaning that our battery is compatible with any 510 cartridges) since it is the most commonly used in the UK and so would give the widest range of choice of CBD cartridges they could be used with our CBD vape pen, even if not one of our own CBD cartridges!

We also incorporated variable voltage and pre-heat functionality to offer maximum vaping flexibility. Our variable voltage setting allows you to personalise your vaping experience to suit your vaping style and the type of CBD you want to vape – a lower voltage provides a more delicate taste so that you can experience the plant-based profile (especially if terpene-based) of the underlying CBD e liquid whilst a higher voltage produces more vapour clouds and is needed for vaping thicker, high concentration CBD oil distillates. 

Pre-heat functionality is also a crucial feature if you are vaping high concentration CBD vape oils. The liquid in high strength CBD vape cartridges is more viscous than e liquids and so require that your CBD oil vape pen is 

1) powerful enough to cope with heating up the thicker CBD vape oil and 

2) can preheat to warm up the cold CBD vape oils prior to vaping so that they vape correctly and taste better.

We sell both types of CBD vape cartridges – a high CBD vape oil cartridges at 65% strength (one of the strongest on the market) also containing CBG and a lower concentration CBD e liquid cartridge at 10% strength – so our vape pen can be used for either!


Lastly, and this is important across all Paso products, we wanted our CBD oil vape pen to look and feel good so that you actually enjoy using it. Our 510 thread vape pen is super sleek and light making it discreet to puff from and easy for you to pop in your pocket or purse so that you have it for whenever you need. 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this post and can now see that a cheap vape pen for sale in the UK can also be of high quality. Please check out our website for more information and shout if you have any questions on this!