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What Is Wire Mesh Fencing?

There are many things you want to consider while investigating the type of wire fence you wish to buy before making a decision. Have you envisioned the following?

  • Aesthetics-how important is appearance?
  • Work is an essential aspect-what, is it that you want to hold in or out?
  • Cost is important-Should you buy or invest in the least expensive product.

As fence installers, we started in the fence business to keep animals in or out. The wire mesh fencing available from the big box stores appeared to rust quickly anywhere it touched the ground or when buried in the dirt. After welding or weaving, all our wire fence products are galvanized hot dip, and then PVC coated. It will last longer than the product being electro-galvanized and can be used in corrosive environments.

  • Quality at the best price-We specializes in the highest quality commodity available without an intermediary at the lowest possible price (no retailers in between-sales directly to the end-user).
  • Quick shipping in SC, MD, NH, and CA from four separate warehouses across the United States-Buy with direct trust, supplier, and wholesale.
  • Sizes-In the same hot-dip galvanized PVC-coated product, we spool hard to find big (8 foot tall) and small opening size rolls (1 “1/2,” etc.

Specialty Of Our Wire Mesh

Throughout the welding cycle, zinc coating is burned off. The welded points are left unprotected, where the horizontal and vertical wires intersect and are exposed to rust and corrosion. In wet weather, moisture tends to gather at the joint, thus speeding up the process. Although zinc can “rush” from the areas adjacent to the burnt intersection is real, the weld spot never regains full safety. These are the forms you see in your hardware store and garden center at your local house. There are considerable differences in gauge, opening mesh size, and height. You will find a product that suits your needs. It is important to note that certain things have a short lifespan.

  • Do it yourself fence posts, corner posts, bracing, access gates, wide driveway gates, and other hardware Do it all by yourself-no concrete or digging needed.
  • Most DIY fences contain simple, common tools-no advanced skills or training necessary.
  • Far less costly than hiring a contractor and equally successful when properly installed.

How Is Out Wire Mesh Safe?

After the welding or weaving process, galvanized materials are galvanized after wire mesh fencing. The mesh is drawn through a bath of molten zinc that seals the wire, ultimately including the welded and woven areas. These products are heavily protected against rust and corrosion and have an extended lifetime with GBW finish that far exceeds the lifetime of the same products. After looking at the welded and woven regions, you can say whether a product is galvanized. Indeed you can see how the zinc seals the areas. Initially, GAW products are more costly. However, the higher initial cost of GAW meshes is easily justified when you consider the added material and labour expense of replacing them.