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What if Influencer Marketing is used as Effective Marketing Strategy?

Today, wherever you go, it is very likely that you will hear about the huge order that influencer marketing has. Now, is it worth spending so much time and effort on this tactic that it seems to be so fashionable? According to a recent study conducted among marketing professionals from different industries, 94% said that the so-called influencer marketing turned out to be an effective campaign strategy. This is excellent news for marketing professionals, don’t you think?

Actually, it is not like that. Although most marketing professionals believe that hiring an Instagram influencer agency is a viable tactic, it is still very difficult to determine precisely the return on investment (ROI) generated by a campaign with influencers. 78% of marketing professionals say that defining the success of influencer marketing campaigns will be one of the main challenges of the 2020 exercise.

That is, while it is clear that influencer marketing offers tangible benefits (such as interaction with followers, increased traffic and more authentic content creation), much work still needs to be done to ensure that agencies and professionals Marketing can measure these types of campaigns. Experts claim that there are at least 6 key points to effectively influencers marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

Let’s look back a little. What exactly is influencer marketing and how is it different from the traditional advertising model starring a celebrity?

Although there are certain aspects of promotions made with celebrities who are also present in influencer marketing campaigns, the latter stand out for being designed to be inserted into an existing community of engaged followers. The influencers are specialists in their respective areas and have not only managed to obtain a high level of trust, but have also established a bilateral communication with their followers’ bases.

Their fans are confident that the promotions they make of certain products or brands are based on a thorough and comprehensive research work, not on the simple signing of a contract. While there is usually a formal agreement between brands and influencers, they tend to be more selective in terms of their affiliations and choose to partner with companies whose values ​​resemble those of their exclusive personal brands and that will not distance their followers.

Promotion of the Brands

The promotions of products made by celebrities are not primarily intended for interaction, but rather the association of popularity and recognition of a person with a particular brand. For brands, the most important goal of campaigns starring celebrities is to capture the attention of a broad audience, rather than entering a specific niche.

To illustrate how all brands, both large and small, use the power of influencers in their marketing efforts, we have compiled a list of ten campaigns driven by influencers. Check them out below and decide for yourself: is influencer marketing really that important?

Most of the Influencer Marketing Strategies are controlled by the Influencer marketing agency. These agencies provide a huge platform to you in order to connect your business and work to a great number of social media users so that you can promote your business with your public posts.