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What Food Should You Never Feed A Dog?

Having a dog in your home is a wonderful thing. They provide companionship, are good for your mental health, and they’ll force you to exercise more too. Often, we treat these pets just like members of the family, and although that’s good in general – they deserve this kind of love – it can also lead to problems that could make them quite unwell. This is most apparent when it comes to their food. Although some human food is fine for a dog to eat, some is actually harmful and could even be fatal. Even though it’s tempting to give your dog the same food everyone else is eating, or even just leftover scraps, the best thing to do is stick to specially formulated dog food to be safe. With that in mind, here are some of the foods you should never feed to a dog.


If there is one thing that most people – including those who don’t own a dog – know not to feed a pet, it’s chocolate. This is quite a well-known fact, and that’s good news; the more people who know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, the better. It will prevent any accidents when people think they are giving the dog a treat but are instead unintentionally hurting them.

Even the smallest amount of chocolate can be harmful, and it can be fatal in large amounts. When a dog eats chocolate, the theobromine within it will attack the kidneys, heart, and the central nervous system, causing untold damage and leading to death if left untreated. Keep the chocolates on high shelves and never leave any lying around; although it’s poisonous to dogs, they love the taste, and they won’t know not to eat it if they find it.


You might not even realise that the food you’re giving your dog has onions in it, which is why it’s best to buy expertly created dog food from Sure4Pets. Then, you’ll know it only contains safe and healthy ingredients.

Onions are a prime example of the kind of ingredient that is in so much of a human’s food but that even if you’re eating it yourself, you might never know it. Sometimes onions will be obvious, cut into large chunks for all to see. Sometimes, they will be minced up and added to sauces and other meals, and this is where the danger lies. You might absent-mindedly give your dog some table scraps and be feeding them onions without knowing it.

The problem is that onions can cause stomach issues, including pain, wind, and diarrhoea. This will be uncomfortable at best and can cause many other problems, including dehydration and organ failure at worst. Along with onions, food from the same family should be avoided, including chives and garlic.

Small Cooked Bones

Surely bones are ideal for a dog? After all, we’re told that dogs like to gnaw on bones to protect their teeth, plus they like the marrow inside, and eating a bone keeps them occupied for hours at a time, ensuring they are stimulated mentally.

This is all true, but only when talking about large uncooked bones. These are safe for dogs to eat, but small cooked bones are very dangerous. Cooked bones become soft, so they won’t be good for your dog’s teeth but can get stuck in their throats, and being small, this is even more likely. If they don’t get stuck, they could splinter, causing more harm. Make sure you carefully dispose of any small bones, so your dog doesn’t get to them.