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Weird Traditions And Stories From Around The World

There is nothing normal about winning the lottery. Some very old things have occurred related to lottery drawings around the world. All of them are unexpected and unique.

One example is of an unnamed man in China who claimed his lottery winnings had a horse mask covering his face when he did. While that may seem weird to many of us, it is actually a tradition in China. The only thing that varies is the mask one chooses to wear. Other masks worn by those claiming lottery winnings include Spiderman, panda bears, and Mickey Mouse. The Chinese government encourages this type of behavior to protect lottery winners.

This isn’t the only weird thing to surround the world’s lotteries. More than one lottery winner thought of the magic numbers while dreaming. In the case of a California couple, he dreamed up the winning numbers. Working as a trash collector, he had an unusual sleep schedule. After he woke up from a dream one night he wrote down the numbers that had appeared in his mind. Though it took him three months to claim his winnings, the numbers he dreamed turned out to be the key to his riches.

Another lottery winner in Ontario has a similar story. At 86 years old she had a dream that included not only a winning lottery ticket but a glimpse of the check she received as a result. This dream came before the woman won the lottery, not once, but twice.

The winning number combination she saw in her dream were the same numbers she had recently chosen when purchasing a lottery ticket. The dream gave her so much confidence she purchased a second lottery ticket using the same numbers she chose the first time. As a result, the woman gained $16 million in lottery winnings.

A growing number of lottery winners are keeping the news from their spouses. In one case, a wife caught her husband having purchased a new home she was unaware of. After some research she determined that her husband had secretly won the lottery. When he obtained his lottery winners, the husband disappeared without a word to his wife. She later tried to take legal action against him to gain access to half the money. While a judge dismissed her case, the woman wanted to begin divorce proceedings. She was never able to because her husband disappeared without a trace and still not has been heard from.

Forgetting that one has a lottery ticket they never checked has become an unofficial tradition of sorts. In the case of an elderly Camelot man, he bought a second ticket with the same numbers he had bought a previous ticket for, which applied to the same drawing. As a result, the man and his wife were counted as double lottery winners.

These stories and traditions prove that playing the lottery is a whole different world than what many people are used to. Lottoland lists some of the strangest lotteries you will ever hear about.

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