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Wedding videographer, photographer or both?


Weddings are a special moment not only for the couple getting married but also for the family and friends attending the marriage. Indian marriages generally extend over a few days and involve a number of customs and rituals which are unique to the communities. They form an essential part of the festivity, grandeur, and essence of an Indian marriage. These kaleidoscope of experiences of pictures and sounds need to be captured with photography and videography to form etching memories that can be shared and replayed with family and friends.Therefore, it’s a must to hire a skilled professional for all your photography needs like this wedding photographer in devon.

Having a wedding videographer, photographer or both becomes an essential part of planning any wedding.

Any wedding budget that permits hiring both a photographer and a videographer should definitely go for both. A photographer would capture the candid moments and glimpses of the highlights of all events which you would like to capture in form of an album or some as framed photographs to be hung around in your house. These you would like to see and relive and recollect the moments as you move down memory lane. The videography would on the other hand capture the living moments of your special day with all the sounds, expression, and feelings that would go with every event. You could capture the look in your partner’s eye on the first glance, the ecstatic moment when you put the ring, the Vedic chants that went with the pheras and so on. These moments will forever be there with you in form of a pen drive or disc. You may even edit and share with your friends on media.

If your budget does not permit hiring both then going for either one would be a personal choice but I would always go for the videographer and ask a friend to get a camera or a phone to take as many photographs as possible so that we could choose and get an album made later. Also one could get some still photographs from the video. The photographs can be obtained but nothing can replace the capturing of the entire essence of the special day as done by a videographer.

To get the best from a professional, it would be advisable to familiarize him with the sequence of all events so that nothing important is missed out. An early visit to the venue to check on lights and other requirements may be required. Banquet halls in Delhi for marriage, corporate party venues used for some marriage events have sufficient lighting to give the required exposure for perfect captures on the film but a professional photographer would turn or place these lights, along with his own if required, to get the perfect effect. Nowadays pre-wedding shoots are arranged to get the couple to pose for a picturesque effect. Friends and family portraits with the couple are preplanned and done in an organized manner. The couple has the liberty of choosing the best photographs from an array of wide choice available.

Not having a professional photographer for your big day would be a mistake which you may regret later on. Having both would enable you to engrave the cherishable memories for ever.