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Water Safety For Children : Give Them Added Protection

Water safety for children is something parents and guardians should actively participate in. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  1. There are over 75,000 toxic chemicals in use in American society. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has set maximum contaminant levels(MCL) or only 90 of them!

Even if these 90 contaminants are the most common and dangerous to children, the fact is that anyone of the other 74,910 chemicals could leak into your water supply.

  1. The EPA itself admits on its website that for most drinking water contaminants that it regulates, there is little scientific data that indicates whether or not children are more susceptible to them than other groups.
  2. No matter the safe water standards the EPA and/or local authorities set, water safety for children is not fool-proof. Serious contamination has and can take place. One example of this was the 1993 cryptosporidium outbreak in Milwaukee where 403,000 got ill, mostly children and the elderly. 100 people also died.

Water safety for children is a serious matter because they are amongst most vulnerable groups, even if there isn’t a serious case of drinking water contamination.

Here are some reasons why children are so vulnerable:

  1. Children’s immune systems are much less developed than those of grown adults, making them more susceptible to bacteria in drinking water. Signs of a child ingesting bacteria could be vomiting, fever and diarrhea. Here is a list of contaminants that children are most vulnerable to.
  2. Children drink more water per pound of body weight than do adults. Therefore, they ingest a greater amount of chemicals in water given their body size.
  3. The body needs clean water to detoxify itself. When children drink contaminated water, the body finds it harder to detoxify itself. In essence, toxicity builds up in the body.

Experts suggest that these three reasons are partly responsible for the increasing incidence of learning disorders, asthma, and cancer in children and adults.

What children need and indeed the whole family need is to have a daily intake of clean water to keep their bodies healthy and strong. The best way to get safe healthy water is to use a home water filtration system that removes the most dangerous contaminants that remain in your water supply.

We recommend a certified whole house water filter used in combination with a certified point of use water filter such as a  countertop or under counter filter. This will give you great protection throughout your entire home. At the very minimum, use a good point of use filter.

Don’t simply rely on your local water authority to guarantee the water safety for children. Protect your own and give yourself the peace of mind you and your family deserve.