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VU Television Price in India

In the Indian market, lots of options are available for customers who want to get a TV for home use. As you know, there are many brands available in the market providing different kinds of television models in the different budget segment. If you are confused to decide on a good brand, you can consider VU television models as a good option. VU is known to provide some of the high-end specs in televisions at a very reasonable price for the customers in the Indian market. You will have lots of options in a different budget as per your requirements for a TV.

If you will compare the television price list in India, you will find VU televisions very affordable as compared to the competition. Here are some of the good options that you can consider as per your future requirements and budget for television:

VU 24 inch HD LED TV:

VU 6024F is a 24 inch HD ready LED TV that you can get at a very reasonable price of Rs 9500. It is not a smart television and you will not get smart TV features on it. You will get to speakers and one HDMI and USB port on this LED TV. If you want a small size screen at a very reasonable price, you can consider this option.

VU 32 inch LED TV:

If you want to buy a television having a screen of 32 inches, you will get lots of options by VU brand in the Indian market. They are providing 32 inch HD LED TV as well as smart TV option for the customers. These televisions start at the price range of 10,000 and you can get smart TV having the screen of 32 inches at the budget of Rs 15,000.

VU 40/43 inch smart LED TV:

There are several models available with the screen size of 39 and 40 inches by this brand. You will be able to get smart TV features with all connectivity and Android features in these televisions. In the budget of Rs 20,000, you can also get VU TV having the screen of 43 inches. However, you will not get the features of smart TV in these models. You will need to raise your budget to 23000 to get the features of a smart TV in 43 inches LED televisions.

49 inches and above:

VU is providing several models having the screen size of 49 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and even 100 inches. All of these televisions are packed with innovative features that will provide amazing viewing the experience with Dolby surrounds sound technology. You will need to consider your needs and requirements to make decisions for the model having the appropriate screen size in your budget.

If you want to check out the complete VU Television Price in India, you can find it here. You will also get complete information about all the models of these televisions so you can check out all the features and specs to decide for the perfect one.

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