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Vinyl Flooring Explained


Are you planning to install a floor in the new house that you are constructing? It is quite natural for you to feel confused. If you are short on the budget, you can choose something simple, but durable like Vinyl Flooring. It is among the finest choices to make as it is affordable and also long lasting. This is the best choice available for kitchens and bathrooms and the trend is only noticed to be increasing by the day. At the same time, you also have plenty of choices to make from this particular flooring type. There are readily available wide range of types, colors and designs, the prices of which will depend upon the material quality that is used in manufacturing. 


Vinyl Flooring in details

Basically, Vinyl floor is considered to be a construction material created from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is created from engineered products and not of original material. Although it is quite similar to that of linoleum, it is very much durable. It is also commonly used in various commercial places like shopping malls, offices and even in residential areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. 


This type of flooring can be found of two types, with one being inlaid vinyl and the other printed vinyl. The latter comprises of thin vinyl sheet with printed paper coating. It is also affordable in price, but not that durable in quality. On the other hand, the inlaid vinyl type is much thicker with regards to sheet strength and hence, expensive. They can be found in tile and sheet form. 


Benefits of using Vinyl Flooring

The truth is that vinyl is an expensive material, durable and maintenance-free. Also it is found to be highly resistant towards moisture, thus being a natural choice for kitchen and bathroom flooring purpose. Places that witness heavy traffic such as shopping malls, schools and offices can opt for this flooring. Its underlay does add insulation and provides great comfort to the feet. 

Some disadvantages

There is a major drawback with Vinyl Flooring, which is that it is not possible to be polished or refinished. With time, it tends to lose its shine and luster, thereby appearing worn down and dull looking. 

But the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages, thus making it a fabulous choice for homes and commercial areas, well within the budget. Going through the options present can help you to make a well informed choice.