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Vidmate App- An Awesome Video Downloading Experience

vidmate app

Vidmate is a leading Video Downloading app. It is an app which allows a person to download videos and mp3 from various types of video apps and other social media networks. Vidmate app is a third-party app, and it is available to download from various sites. Since it is a third-party app, it is not available to download from app stores like Google Play Store.

Quick Facts about Vidmate

Vidmate app was developed by XDA developers in the year 2018. It is a free tools app, and it is suitable for all Android versions above 4.1. Vidmate has huge download base. Within a short period, it gained a lot of popularity among people.

Features of Vidmate

The vidmate app has a lot of many features. Because of its unique features, it has become one of the most popular videos downloading the app in the country. The specifications of Vidmate app are as follows:

  • Download any video from any site

The basic function and feature of Vidmate app is its video downloading feature. Everybody watches the most common video app named YouTube. But downloading a video from YouTube is not a simple task.

Similarly, videos from Instagram, Facebook, etc. are not easy too. Yes, videos from such sites can be saved in the app itself, but they can’t be downloaded and kept in the device storage. Vidmate app comes with a solution for this. It easily allows one to download any video starting from 360 pixels till 1080 pixels without any difficulty.

  • Download any music either from music’s site or from videos

Sometimes a person may require the music of the video or the soundtrack of the video. In such a case, he has to first download the video with an app; then with some other app, he has to convert or extract the audio of the video, thus occupying space and wasting efforts. Vidmate app helps in easy downloading of the audio in its highest quality without any difficulties.

  • No requirement of additional encodings or sign-ups

Unlike any other video downloading apps, it requires encoding of the file to be downloaded easily in the app. But in Vidmate, it is not a problem at all. One does not need to keep any other type of apps or require any other type of encoding to download anything. It just automatically completes downloading. Also, the app doesn’t require unnecessary signup options.

  • Easy search options

Another great feature of Vidmate app is that it has very easy search options. Any video can be directly searched from the app’s search bar with the help of keywords. One need not go and search the particular file in the particular site and from there search and download the video.

  • Full control over downloads

Finally, Vidmate app offers full control over the downloaded videos. It allows the user to pause or resume video or audio which is being downloaded and it also helps to delete unwanted videos from the app itself. Vidmate app keeps records and helps to manage all videos and music downloaded for a better experience of the users.

Thus finally, it can be said that Vidmate app is a great third-party app for downloading videos and music at any quality desired and when one is low on data.

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