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Unique Gift Ideas To Celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship Day Gifts

When you celebrate Friendship day with a wish, it’s good. But, when you celebrate it with a unique gift, it’s awesome. Thus, today let’s have a look at 8 exclusive gift notions that are latest in movements.

We know, Best Friendship Day Gifts for Husband/Wife OR Boyfriend/Girlfriend will vary. But, if having good knowledge of what works best, you can easily embrace the outstanding from the list.

Moreover, you’ll also have to spare some time researching from the days you’ve spent together to shortlist his/ her likes and dislikes. A true friend will always know whether his mate is inseparable from books or his soul exists in bigger biceps.

After going through the past year trends (in 2018 also), your valuable and keen observation would surely say – Gone are those days when Photo Frames and Photo Albums were counted in awesome gift ideas for friends. 

Even at present, chocolate, flowers, and friendship bands work the best. But, here lies the future – Memory Book, Personalized Cofee Mug and Chocolate Hampers will change your friends’ views about awe-inspiring gifts forever. Besides, irrespective of Old or New, we’ll list out every unique gift idea that works best today.

So, without further ado, switching onto 8 uncommon Gift Ideas to celebrate friendship day, here you go –

1. Gym Membership – Giving your friends a healthier and longer life

In an era where 1 in every 11 people of the world’s adult population or 415 million people in the world are living with diabetes. Fat not lying last in the list, nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight. And, 610,000 people die of heart disease alone in a country (US) with no full stop to the list.

Paying for the Gym Membership will be a pleasant gift surprise to your friend irrespective of the fact whether he/ she is fit or not in the present scenario.

Depending on your budget and will to keep your friend healthy, fitness hub subscription could be any out of Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Annually. Longer the better. This way, you could encourage your friend to become a fitness freak.

2. Sports Gadgets – Achieving fitness goals with technical perfection.

If your mate loves running or jogging, fitness gadget friendship day gift will no doubt be a unique idea in itself. Sports Gadgets are much more than just smartwatches.

A general list includes, but not limited to Swim by Garmin, Sport Bluetooth Headset by Jabra, Recon MOD Live by Recon Instruments, Hero3 Black Edition by GoPro, eBike by Smart, miCoach Speed Cell by Adidas, upro mx+ by Callaway, Vyper Air Black by Suunto, Aquabeat by Speedo and Nike+ Fuelband etc.

You can purchase any of them online or from online tech stores (one that suits the most).

3. DIY Gifts – Additional love of homemade crafting

DIY (Do it Yourself) gifts have been one of the best to increase your infatuation. You gift them a personalized coffee mug from a nearby gift shop, they say Thanks, You’re Great.

Personalizing the coffee mug with your own hands (DIY method) and letting them know about the present on the right day, they say, Wow! You’re Awesome. The DIY mechanism is a kind of unique friendship day gift approach that makes your bond unbreakable.


Because you’ve spent the most crucial thing in your life making it i.e. time. Besides, you are ready to use your skills with expecting nothing in return. In this case, even though you’re not a perfection, yet your friends will always love what you’ve worked on.

DIY gifts mainly include greeting cards with warm wishes, her photo collage, personalized cup and many more things. To a next professional level, in your school or college times, if you’ve perfected the art of repairing, modifying or building things, then you can also go for –

Candy Bouquet, Liquor Bouquet, Photo Collage Monogram, DIY Bath Bombs, Fun Photo Bookmarks, Monogrammed Sharpie Mug, Custom Stepping Stone, Gift In A Jar, Gift In A Cup and many other DIY approaches. If you prefer to give a handmade gift, then easy art blossom tree can be one of the best attractive options.

4. Books & Stationery – A world of books for young and old (and everyone)

Give your friends a thousand lives in one. How? Great George R.R. Martin once said “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” And, this is the awesomeness of books.

The independent bookshop with traditional values has been one of the best places to visit for inner peace. But, you know what? Friendship day occurs once a year, and this is the only chance in 365 days to gift the most suitable book. Thus, be extremely wise while selecting out Friendship Day gifts.

5. Friendship Bands – Cheaper, Smaller, Forever

Although not cheaper all the times, as the Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet is approximately worth $31 million. Yet, at low prices Friendship Bracelet (or Band) is great to go.

Gift a book, and find it in bookshelves. Gift a coffee mug, and find it in a room/ kitchen. But, if you gift a friendship band, there are full chances to find it with your friend (in his/ her hand).

What defines the beauty of one of the most popular Friendship Day Gifts is thousands of varieties. None copies other. In general, almost a month or two ahead of friendship day, gift shops gets filled with tens of hundreds of breeds of friendship bands.

6. Chocolates – A Great Step Towards Sweeter Friendship

Unique friendship day gifts list is incomplete without a beautiful gift box filled with divine chocolates. And, when you learn that medical experts have proved that chocolate is good for the heart, you can give yourself a high five for your awesome gift choice.

On a healthy and emotional basis both, Chocolates have been proved one of the best gift ideas for friendship day. Just to supplement your knowledge, Mars, Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, Galaxy, Patachi, Ghirardelli, Lindt & Sprungli, Guylian, and Toblerone are the best brands of chocolates across the globe. You can choose according to your budget.

You Can also celebrate this occasion with friendship day cakes also.

7. Scented Candles – Let the Aroma of your bond spread the love in-between

Candles, a luminous source of light have always been proved pleasant and warm for surrounding environment. And, when they are scented, the soft light becomes an utmost amiable thing on the planet.

No doubt, relatives are assigned by God, but friends are what you choose for yourself. For humans the way of thinking of whom aligns with yours, gifting scented candles on friendship day in the budget that ranges from tens of dollars to thousands, is indeed a good idea.

8. Personalized Gifts – Completely Interconnected Idea for Friendship Day

Personalized gift ideas’ list is longer than expected. Personalized Coffee Mugs, Photo Mouse Pads, and Photo Frames have been one of the most chosen. Friendship day gifts in the personalized category could be prepared either by the DIY (Do it yourself) method or ordered by experts/ professionals at various gift stores.

To be precise, for a female friend, best friendship gifts includes – Leather Bag Tags, Monogrammed Pyjamas, Stan Smith Shoes, Initial Phone Case, Personalised Zip Pouch, Personalized Truffle Box, Undercover Card Holder and Paper Sketchbox etc.


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