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Unanticipated Ways Instagram Has Changed The Fashion Business World

In the past few years, Instagram has grown in leaps and bounds and has gone from strength to strength. It has amassed a billion active users and is still growing at a fast rate as compared to any other major social media platforms. According to research, it is seen that:

  • Users now on average spend about 53 minutes a day on this platform sharing, liking, and commenting on photos and videos
  • It has had a significant impact on the day to day lives as well as businesses with most of the people looking for images of the product in it first and then makes a buying decision.

The good thing about Instagram is that it has created careers, sub-genres, businesses, and has disrupted different industries to their entirety, and the fashion industry is no exception.

Instagram in fact is that platform that is the most effective one amongst all social media platforms. It can significantly increase the traffic to your fashion website, provided you use the platform in the best possible way.

If you want to use Instagram for your fashion website traffic increment, you will need to know the most effective ways in which it plays with the behaviors and buying patterns of the users. This will better your outreach as well as your marketing process.

The diversified beauty standards

It is due to the diversified beauty standards of Instagram that have fetched it a fair share of criticism.

  • There are a few critics that blame it especially in terms of affecting the mental health of young people.
  • Some people even blame its filtered and edited images suggesting that this presents an impractical expectation of beauty.

However, when you look at the flip side of it you will see that this in fact provides the consumers with an accessible platform through which these more diverse visions of beauty can be shared as well.

People now are no longer reliant on the old media broadcasting a narrow explanation of beauty. The platform is now providing people with the chance to break the beauty taboos by sharing different and unique phots that include:

  • Unfiltered pimples
  • Scars and
  • Stretch marks.

Add to that, the rise in the plus-size, disabled and trans influencers has even simplified the efforts making it all the more successful and effective.

Increasing traffic to a website for any type of business without having to buy real Instagram likes is now made possible by the influencers, especially the young generation influencers. Thanks to the growing diverse representations on this platform, building momentous audience traction is now possible which is why brands use this platform to its fullest potential. If you too want to use it for your fashion site, you should take note of a few other things as well.

Changed the concept

The availability of Instagram now has changed the concept and behavior of the users not depending on the product they are looking for. It is now found that people do not make an online buying purchase, especially of a product without:

  • Seeing the product
  • Knowing more about the product and
  • Reading about the brand and business.

Instagram provides them with all these. This platform is essentially a photo and video sharing app allows them to see some of the best photos of the product.

Add to that the carefully crafted and posted video tells them about the benefits and usage instructions as well.

Lastly, with the link added in the Instagram profile, which ideally is the only place where such a link can be placed, users can visit the website of the brand without even have to log out and log in or switch. They can access the website of the business directly from the Instagram platform itself.

All these useful features of the platform enable the users to therefore have adequate knowledge about the product of choice as well as the brand. This enables them to make a well-informed and well-educated decision, that too in quick time.

Integrated marketing approach

It is the host of useful features of the platform as well as the benefits that it offers to the users, especially the business owners that make this platform so popular and effective for marketing. In fact, Instagram marketing is a big thing in the business world. There are several reasons or it being so.

  • It allows the businesses and marketers to reach a larger audience, it has a user count of more than a billion as of now and is counting
  • It enables them to showcase their product in a much better way in pictures and video, both of which are far more effective than textual information
  • It allows them to reach out to their target audience in a quick time, almost instantaneously as this platform is accessible through smartphones meaning people can search for their favorite product and brand on the go.

Since fashion, automobile, and industries of its likes are all about features, the better it is showcased, the more is the chance to make a sale. Therefore, rightfully, Instagram is the best social media platform that is available as of now to the fashion business owners to reach a large audience and increase the number of traffic to their site and the prospects of making a sale by creating a better and unique visual impression.

Therefore, with such benefits provided, it is only natural and reasonable to integrate it with other forms of marketing, especially social media marketing and email marketing. This will ensure that there is a large number of audiences to cater to which increases the chances of conversion as well as the promotion of the brands.

Summing it up

Instagram, as it is, has tremendous potential in it to play a role in the decision-making process of the people, even when they are on the go. Instagramming helps in the easy and quick share of posts which means it will be very easy and fast to build a community of your own product and brand and therefore promote it successfully.