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Travel to Belmont on your own for an experience that lasts a lifetime

Traveling is a great experience, and everyone has to do it once in their life be it going to a far off place or traveling near it is worth it! Travelling is more fun when you travel with your friends and family, and with the cheaper rates in trains and planes, it has become available to all. Whether you love horse racing and want to see it at Ajax downs or go hiking at the Yosemite National Park, the options are many and endless. Uncovering the world at your fingertips is fun and Belmont is waiting with open arms.

Visiting Belmont

Belmont is a small city in San Mateo Country in the state of California, going to this city can be fun, and it has a lot to offer.

Places to visit once in Belmont

Here is a list of few places that you can enjoy on your trip –

Daniel Stowe botanical garden

Daniel Stowe botanical garden is perfect for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature, 380 acres of land and located in the banks of Lake Wylie, and it’s an ideal destination. With magnificent gardens, beautiful fountains and a conservatory to display orchids and tropical plants this place shouldn’t be missed out while traveling to Belmont.

Rivermen brewing company

Another place to visit while in Belmonte is the Rivermen brewing company, this place is perfect for visiting if you’re looking for the perfect brew and the food they offer too is unique and unlike anything else in Belmont.

Millican pictorial history museum

This is a 10acre land, and it offers thousands of rare photos of schools, churches, cotton mills, towns, theatres, drive in, service stations, trucks these are just a few mention visitors can buy these photos too.

Stowe Park

This is a small but beautiful park with swings, playground, slides, climbing wall and other play equipment.

Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park

This place offers a great playground for the children to play and there is a dock to watch the river too. Children will enjoy the park.

Goat Island Park and Greenway

There is a variety of play equipment here. The playgrounds offer swings, rope climbing, teeters totters, there is also an exercise station for adults, a golf course and a ping pong table.

Catawba River Antique Mall

This is one of the best antique malls. The price is reasonable, the display is beautiful, and the staffs are accommodating.

These are a few places which are named as the best places to visit in Belmont. Be it a museum or a park or an antique mall the place has lots to offer and while traveling be it alone or with friends don’t forget to visit these beautiful places. Rivermen Brewing Company is an eatery and provides a lot of unique food and drinks, and these are so unique they are not found anywhere else in Belmont.

Travel aloneTips for traveling alone

Traveling alone is a scary experience, but it is also one of the best experiences you could feel. There’s freedom in traveling alone, and there may be some risks, but you’ll not regret it.

Single supplement

When going to a hotel, the hotel expects you to pay for a room meant for a couple because that’s where they get their revenue from, if you don’t want to pay extra be sure to ask and book before confirming the reservation.

Be sure the hotel has multiple positive rating

Traveling alone can be scary at times and where you sleep and eat is important so before staying in any hotel, it’s preferable to do a little research and book a hotel which has positive ratings this way you can be sure you’re safe.

Free Wifi

Internet is vital for anyone and when you’re visiting a new area it best to stay somewhere where they offer free internet or wifi. Once you’ve reached your destination, you might not be able to connect to the net and browse the activities and places you can visit in the place to get a place that offers wifi.

Meeting place with other travelers

Just because you travel alone does not mean you end up alone try to make new friends. Stay in AirBnB where you meet fellow travelers, and you can become friends and connect and travel together to destinations also they’ll have a lot of advice so meet fellow travelers.

Start early

Anyone who travels would probably give you the same advice. The best way to see a new destination is by starting early in the morning, be an early bird and start early get your breakfast and start toward your destination and you might finish early from the destination you have two options return to your hotel and relax or travel to another destination.

Take plenty of photos

Another thing to do is to take as many photos as you can and be sure to carry your selfie stick so you can pose alone with the destination, but you can ask people to help you take photos too. You should take plenty of pictures because you have a choice to choose the best view and put it in an album also you can post these photos in social media and inform your friends and dear one of how much fun you’re having alone.


Therefore traveling alone can be fun too and the adventure ahead of you is excellent although you have to be more careful while traveling alone than with friends and family but it is worth it and traveling alone gives you more insides. You grow as a person, and you relish every moment but staying in places that have good ratings and has good wifi is necessary because you might not have internet in the new destination so it might get challenging to manage emails, work, and also communicating with friends and family.


Belmont is a beautiful place to visit too and offers a lot of unique places to visit therefore do take time and travel to Belmont and travel there alone as it can be lots of fun and an opportunity to meet new people and make friends.




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