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Trade Show 101: Top 4 Ways to Attract More Attention

When it comes to advertising your products or services, registering at a trade show is an oldie but a goodie. This tried and tested marketing method can help get your company seen by the relevant people, build brand awareness and create a loyal consumer base. You can also keep an eye on the competition at the same time. Here are a few effective ways to get noticed at a trade show and drive traffic to your display stand.

Create a Buzz

Businesses who want to attract attention at a trade show need to create a buzz before the event has even begun. You want trade show visitors to get so excited about what you have to offer that they’ll be queuing up at your booth just to speak to one of your representatives. Make sure you create a marketing campaign to advertise your attendance well in advance. Your strategy can include email marketing, social media marketing and asking trade magazines and newspapers to help you advertise.

Attractive Graphics

Once the day finally arrives, you want to make sure your booth stands out from the crowd and that attendees can find your stall easily. Using high-quality, attractive graphics, such as wall decals, floor stickers and banners, you can differentiate your booth from your neighbours. With customised materials, you have complete control over how your booth looks. Not to mention, you can reuse quality materials for future trade show events too. Whatever materials you choose to use, make sure your brand is clear throughout the design. For more information about trade show display materials, read this post.

Entice Visitors With Free WIFI

Another smart way to attract visitors to your stand and keep them around long enough to promote your business is to offer them complimentary WIFI. Trade show venues are hardly famous for their excellent internet and phone connection, and many trade show attendees get frustrated when they cannot check their emails or receive important calls. Attendees might even leave the event early just to get a connection. Not only will you get into their good books, but attendees will also feel compelled to stand around and chat with you for longer too. Furthermore, you can gain invaluable leads if you ask visitors to create an account before accessing the WIFI. Create clear signage to help visitors get connected at your booth.

Free Swag

Who doesn’t love free swag? Many trade-show-goers may argue that fantastic freebies are actually one of the highlights of attending events like these. Not only will you attract more visitors, but branded products also make efficient advertising tools too. However, you need to make sure what you offer is worth it. Rubbish promotional goods, like cheap pens and forgettable keyrings, will probably end up in a bin after the event.

Instead of wasting your money, choose high-quality promotional products that are practical, memorable and durable instead. For example, coffee mugs and BPA-free bottles are useful both in and out of work, and a quality notepad is always handy.