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Top Factors to Consider for Android App Development in 2021

Apparently, android is the most successful mobile OS platform at present. In fact, it enjoys over 85 percent of the market share. Moreover, there are beyond 3.04 million android apps one can find on the Play Store. Overall, android apps are there everywhere, starting from games to entertainment segments. From the perspectives of start-ups, android certainly is the most popular option for mobile app development.

The best part is, android apps are the most user-friendly. Evidently, more companies are showing interest in developing android apps. But, not all these are equally successful. It’s absolutely important to take the right aspects into consideration for developing quality Android apps. In this context, the below factors one must consider while going for mobile application development on android.

Key factors in android app development that are going to matter in 2021

Indeed, a significant transformation has occurred in the android development arena. Mostly, the emphasis is more on enhancing the user experience. But, it is extremely important to meet the trends well in order to remain significant in the app development arena. Hence, one needs to have clarity about factors to consider prior to hiring an android application development company. To be specific, the following factors can be crucial in this aspect.

Emphasize on Instant Apps

Certainly, Instant apps are nothing new in the android development arena. Most importantly, these are growing spree in terms of popularity. In general, these apps allow users to use apps without any need for installation on the device. In short, the users don’t need to download the app. Moreover, it helps them in making most of the web at a much faster rate without any installation.

Specifically, Instant apps are excellent for eCommerce applications and gaming apps. The best part, these don’t consume too much space on devices. Rather, it cuts down unwanted interruptions within the system. Above all, these apps provide complete access to android apps. In short, the android app developers should prioritize instant apps as long as android is the platform.

Must target Blockchain Technology

There are many advantages of blockchain technology, making it such significant. The best part, it can significantly enhance transparency and avoid unwanted access. Moreover, it uses an effective security protocol for greater protection. Specifically, those aiming for android apps for financial institutions should definitely consider this.

According to surveys, more than 84 percent of companies are using Blockchain. There are numerous advantages of Blockchain. Most importantly, it can effectively lower data usage. In case of network failure, it can deploy data ensuring greater performance. Above all, these apps are much significant from a data encryption perspective.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Undoubtedly, cloud computing has enriched computing strength significantly for organizations. Specifically, it has come up with AI models to augment the usual methods and perform tasks. Indeed, this was not even in imagination earlier. Moreover, the versatility of these applications is the reason behind the significance and weakness. In fact, one can apply those for the automation of various tasks. Most importantly, it can significantly lower the cost of making an app on android.

Emphasize multiplatform development

While going for an android app, one must keep Flutter in mind. However, this is a fresh technology from Google. But, it is already promising from the perspective of android development. Basically, this facilitates android app development through built-in interfaces for android (also iOS). Most of the android app developers go for it due to the flexibility it offers.

Apart from this, the user-friendly characteristic is also one of the foremost reasons behind its popularity. Now, considering that the developers blend Flutter with the development process, it creates buzz in the development arena. In fact, there are many popular applications like Alibaba that are using Flutter. The best part, its significant user interface makes it even more interesting.

Make most of Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is certainly going to be big in 2021. In fact, more entrepreneurs are showing interest in these services. The best part, the major benefit of the Google Assistant is that one can provide effective modes for users to develop an app with the Assistant directly. Most importantly, one can ask for deep-link with specific functionalities through apps on Google Assistant.

Additionally, one must know about Android Slices, which helps developers in presenting the key contents to users. Now, considering the growing user base of Google Assistant, integrating with this key assistant will be prominent.

APM for enterprise apps

From the perspective of enterprise app development, APM and EMM are two key elements. Moreover, one can use these technologies in order to address the slow nature of mobile apps. Through growing app development, it has assured tests for quality app development. At the same time helping for security purposes, it also helps employees through significant data exchange on mobile devices.

Target devices on Beacon 

Apparently, the use of Beacon technology has grown immensely among businesses. Specifically, it helps businesses in aiming clients explicitly. Moreover, Beacons are transmitting devices that can link mobile devices within a certain range. Most importantly, these help businesses deliver notifications about hotels around. Also, it helps in delivering explicit offers and much more to gadgets.

Hence, the integration of technology with android apps is getting hugely popular. Specifically, for commercial units like restaurants, this integration is extremely useful in nature. All in all, the usage of Beacon is going to develop significantly in the marketing domain.


With growing popularity, android has certainly evolved as the most popular mobile application development platform. All in all, the prospect of android development is immense and will go to grow. Apparently, this segment of development is coming with greater creativity and features. Upon taking the above aspects into account, one can certainly attain success in the android development arena in 2021.