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Tips to Play Fantasy Football


In the world of fantasy sports, where participants can play online games by creating and assembling virtual teams of a professional sport’s real life players, games like cricket, football, kabaddi etc are the most played sports. After cricket, if there is any sport who is crazily followed then it is Football.  When we talk about Fantasy football, it is generally explained as a game the participants will act as general managers of virtually created football teams. The points are given after every match on the basis of actual performance given by actual player in the real life competitions.

Fantasy football provides many tournaments in which participants can participate. The tournaments may include national football league, Canadian football league or any college league etc. One can try their best skills as fantasy owners in Fantasy football. How fantasy foot ball is played is cleared in the following steps

  1. You join a league.
  2. You scout and draft players.
  3. You compete against other fantasy owners by using all your skills.
  4. After winning the championship, the points are credited respectively.

There are many football freaks out there who have shared their tips and tricks about how to play and win the championship. These tips and tricks can really help in learning the basics and planning the strategy for the game. Following are some of the tips discussed that the beginners must follow in order to have win-win competition.

  1. The very first trick that the football players have shared is that one should stop making efforts to create a balanced team. They say that beginners often try to create a balanced fantasy team by placing two wings at the back and two defenders at the centre. They cleared that fantasy games are all about making points which one can make through goals, saves, assists and clean sheets. So participants should stop caring about the positions, tackles, covers etc. and start focusing on the players one who reap them more goals and assists.
  2. Second they say that the price of the players does not guarantee his worth. The price of the players in Fantasy games is always set on the basis of how many other people have selected that player which generally means the popularity. The best example for this is Torres whose current price is quite high and he plays rarely. The reason for his high price is that he always gets selected by the participants through auto select option. So it is clear from the example that price quoted for the player will not guarantee you his worth.
  3. Third trick for the fantasy football game is that players should not go after the last week results. It is always recommended to select players on the basis of their consistent performance rather than selecting them on the basis of last week performance. Because every week is different, a player performed outstandingly last week does not mean that he is going to perform the same in all the matches. So it is a blunder to select a player in the team on the basis of his last week’s performance.
  4. Forth tip recommend by the fantasy football freaks is to always go for diversification. When a participant relies on same players or on one team, then also it is a blunder. How diversification plays important role is explained with the help of following points-
  5. Two or more bad result can collapse a team. This can have adverse effect on the confidence of the team. One does not want to have bad result again and again with the same team.
  6. Every team gets terribly affected by the shocking defeats which can affect their performance in future games too if the same team gets to play together.
  • Many teams also face the difficulty of fixtures.

So it is quite a risky thing to rely on same team again and again. Diversification can really help in competitions.

  1. Fifth trick is about the clean sheets. It is recommended to select defenders from the team whose defensive records are quite impressive. The players need not to be a super star, the starter for the team should be defensively sound as they are going to grab good number of points. Many people splash their money on big names rather than giving attention to their mates whose defensive performances are consistently outstanding.
  2. The next important thing to look after is the price changes. There are many websites out there which will help you to know about the changes in the prices of the players. When a player is not performing well and he fails to prove himself as regular starter, his price begins to fall. On the other hand, if the player who played a string of good games and proved himself in all the ways, his prices will shoot up as more and more people will desire to purchase him. So keeping an eye on the prices of such players can be really advantageous as one can increase the value of his squad with this.
  3. Next point that one needs to focus on is fixtures. When a participant has free transfer he can either save it for rainy day or he can use it to shape team and take his advantage. The key players can be brought inside the team and better advantage can be taken with him in the team.

These are some of the tips and tricks by the Fantasy football pro players. These tricks can really help participants in earning maximum points. The beginners must go through these points before playing fantasy football as it can be really useful. There are many fantasy football apps which also provide instructions to their beginners about how to play the game. Usually the above written are the major points that a participant should take care of but apart from these there are many other important points too. So it is recommended to have a look before beginning the game as they are really fruitful to win more cash prices.