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Tips to Create SEO friendly Guest Posts

Tips to Create SEO friendly Guest Posts

You probably like writing, but you have no idea how to create one. Well, you can actually submit a guest post on other websites or portals. Somehow, you need to create an SEO friendly guest post so that the site owner will accept it. You really have to understand well in creating an SEO friendly content. Some of the content writers even use some SEO tools available on the internet. But, it is not enough because you also need to pay attention to many other things. So, you can read these following tips on creating SEO friendly content before you submit a guest post.

Check Your Content Headers

First of all, a header may not be the only key factor which can influence your quality of content, but it can be really important when you create an SEO friendly guest post. If you have a good header, then it will be helpful for any readers. For the header 1, you can put it in the title. Meanwhile, for the header 2 tags, you can put it in the first sentence. Next, you can continue on the header 3 and 4. Google even likes a content that contains a few headers.

Reduce Your Passive Voice Usage

Many content writers who want to submit a guest post use too many passive voices in the content which makes it difficult to read. Well, you can use passive voice in your post, but you have to make sure that it is no more than 10%. Some website owners may not accept a post that contains too many passive voices unless you revise it and reduce. In this case, you can try to make active voice sentences as good as possible.

Pay Attention to Focused Keywords

Before you create an SEO friendly guest post, it is also important to check the keyword used because you are not recommended to use similar keywords as the blog owners use. You can ask them whether your keywords are accepted or not. Why is it so important? When you use the same keywords, Google may find it difficult to give a rank for the post. So, you have to consider it as an important matter before you submit your post to the site or blog.

Shorten Your Content Sentences

When dealing with good SEO friendly gust post, you also need to pay attention to the length of your paragraphs and sentence. Nowadays, you can actually use a special tool that will alert you when you write too many sentences or over 300 words in one paragraph. Basically, the best SEO friendly guest post is good if you do not write a sentence too long. Ideally, you can write 20 up t0 25 words per sentence and 300 words in one paragraph.

Consider the Length of Your Post

In addition to shortening your content sentence and paragraph, you also need to pay attention to the length of your content totally. It can also influence the SEO friendliness of your post. Ideally, when you want to submit a guest post with SEO, you need to write 900 words long. Formerly, content writers have to write 500 words long for SEO friendly guest post, but today it needs at least 900 words long. But, if you really want to increase the rank, according to Google, you can write a content with 2500 words long or more. Somehow, it also depends on the topic because you still need to ensure that your content is understandable.

Consider the Post Keywords Density

The biggest problem faced by most content writers when creating SEO friendly guest post today is keyword density. Formerly, there was no limitation on the number of keywords you could use. But, today the rule is changed because you have to limit the number of keywords. In this case, you can use 0,5% up to 2.5% for the keyword density. For instance, if you create 1000 words guest post, then you can repeat the keyword 5 up to 10 times.

Make the Content More Natural

In the past, a keyword is the most important thing to consider without considering the content quality. Today, a keyword is not only the key factor to the success of your SEO friendly guest post because you also need to check the content quality. In this case, you must create a natural content and it must be easy to understand. Even though you put good keywords in the post, it will be useless if your content is bad because people will not read it.

Use Images in Your Guest Post

Readers will be attracted to your post if you also put some images in the post. Images will show a brief description of your post so the people will wonder the topic you create. Importantly, you need to put some relevant images according to the content topic. This way is really effective to increase traffic to your posting. However, this image usage is only an option because not all of the contents need images.

Don’t Forget to Interlink Your Post

Creating a guest post is about to contribute to another site or blog, so you have to become a giver, not a taker. Therefore, you are recommended to interlink your content or posting to the site’s old post. The blog owners will be happy when you interlink it because they do not need to edit the post and directly publish the post. Somehow, you are not allowed to create interlink to another post on the similar topic because Google will feel difficult to determine the most important ones.

Finally, those are a few tips that you need to know if you want to create SEO friendly content before you submit a guest post on another sites or blogs. As long as you consider those tips above, your content will be accepted and your post will get a high rank on Google. There will be so many visitors who are willing to read your post because your content is unique and easy to find on the internet.

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