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Tips for Power Tool Safety

Tips for Power Tool Safety

Regardless of the kind of construction you are involved in whether a full bore construction site or a modest home improvement job, building and repairing a structure is dangerous because of the POWER in Power Tools. Improper use of any tool is the major cause of injury or even death. Most situations encountered in day to day life do not hold the same threat to body and life, that improper use of Power Tools could cause.

One of the most useful tools for almost any project is the Power saw, chain saw or circular saw, extremely effective when used properly.

No matter what type of project you are working on it is difficult to find a more versatile and useful tool than the power saw. Accidents occur many times when attention is either focused in one area and excluding surrounding potential hazards or being in too much of a hurry. It is easy to focus intently on the cutting area and ignoring potential injuries or damage that may occur under the work surface. Of course, what happens next, the party in question proceeds to cut right into his leg, through the cord or through a finger or thumb. Always look at the bigger picture. Look around the entire area you are working in and try to anticipate any potential problems, then stay aware of any changes in your work area. As they say, Measure twice cut once and give attention to all details.

Power Nailers: Commonly called nail guns, are great tools and can again save an enormous amount of energy and time doing any project.

Nail Guns are very powerful and dangerous when in use. The ease of use when considering a conventional hammer is a great advantage. Nail Guns have the potential to be used as weapons. The Nail Gun should be treated exactly as guns and should never be pointed in a direction that could cause harm. Make sure you don’t fire till you are prepared. Never aim your Nail Gun anywhere but the area you are applying the nail.

Many Power Tools can be powered or driven by Air Compressors. As with any Power source incorrect use of the Air Compressor can cause severe injury. Regular maintenance is required for optimum and safe operation for all equipment including Air Compressors. The Conclusion you should come to if you notice any wear is to service your equipment before using it. Never try to use a product in a manner inconsistent with Manufacturers Safety Guidelines

For outdoor projects at farms, construction sites, and large yards the Backhoe is a versatile and valuable asset. Whether large or small versions the backhoe can be a very dangerous item.

Keep Safety in Mind

Any failure in these complicated machines, from a leaky hydraulic line to a rusty bolt on a chassis or an irresponsible or untrained operator can make a backhoe deadly. Power Tools should be respected as potentially dangerous tools with every attention given to preventing injury. Make sure you are not assuming you are in control as the tools can easily “get away” from its operators.

The truth is, even in the best situations, accidents still occur. Be aware of your situation, anticipate potential accidents and be careful.

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