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Tips for choosing the perfect graduation gown

A graduation party is a very important celebration because it represents the end of an incredible stage. It involves many emotions, such as the joy of finishing studies and the sadness of saying goodbye to your classmates, some of them becoming friends for life. In addition to all this bunch of feelings, another of the most important points of this celebration is the choice of the perfect dress. Fortunately, today you can freely choose any dress that suits you. The internet provides facilities for that. For example, you can choose the best dresses on the Yesbabyonline website.

To achieve this, you only need to take into account the following tips to choose the one that suits you best, according to your skin tone and body type. Take note!

The perfect dress according to the skin color

A) For girls of white complexion, the colors that favor them are the bright ones such as red, yellow, orange and pastel tones that are in trend.

B) While brunettes take better advantage of their skin, if they use colors such as white, navy blue, king blue, dark gray and black.

The perfect dress according to the type of body

Pear or triangle

The most recommended for those who have this type of body, are dresses with linear skirts, cuts type A and with many ornaments on the top, which can include transparencies, embroidery, rhinestones, etc.

Inverted triangle

In this case it is best to choose dresses with very striking skirts, which have ornaments and layers. You should avoid drawing attention to the neckline area to avoid making your shoulders look wider than your hip.


What a rectangle-shaped body needs is to give the illusion of a curvilinear silhouette. To achieve this, opt for designs with embellishments on the waist and shoulders, as well as skirts with vaporous fabrics.


It is elementary to avoid necklines, bulky sleeves or make it very tight. An empire cut type design with a sweetheart neckline will make you look divine.


For this type of body maintain balance and silhouette is indicated. You can wear a tight dress with ornaments that accentuate the waist and a pronounced neckline while maintaining good taste.

Tip 1

If your prom is day, then you can wear short dress without any problem. The best colors for a day celebration are clear and without bright decorations. If on the contrary, it will be a night party, then it is best to choose a long dress to preserve elegance.

Tip 2

If you decide to show off in a short dress, make sure it is not short. You will not want to spend your special day feeling uncomfortable or unable to do what you want.

Tip 3

On the other hand, if you do not have much experience wearing high heels, it is best to choose ones with which you feel comfortable to avoid walking badly or stumble and hurt yourself. The long prom dresses can be a good option. Just try them!

Hopefully the tips above can help you to decide the best to wear in your graduation party.

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