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Tips for Buying a Second-Hand Solid Gold Bracelet

The price of jewelry is determined by several factors: the type of gold, the design, the brand, and the weight. So it is foreseeable that any solid bracelet has a high or very high price due to its high weight.

Therefore, although second-hand prices will be lower than new, if you are thinking of buying one of these jewels, you must pay a significant amount of money.

And in the case of solid bracelets, due to their high weight of gold, the amount of money you could save is even greater.

Of course, remember that you must take into account a series of tips and recommendations so you can buy a second-hand gold bracelet with a full warranty.

To avoid the wrong choices in your purchase and to prevent future surprises, these are the main buying tips and some checks that you should always perform. Check them out below!

  1. Visual State

Pay attention and look carefully at the bracelet to detect any possible damage such as bumps, scratches, or small breaks. Check all links, and verify that the closure works well.

  1. Engravings And Inscriptions

We recommend that you do not buy solid gold bracelets that present some type of engraving or inscription like names or dates.

  1. Gold Type

 Although most of the jewels are 18K gold, make sure that the bracelet you buy is the type of gold is the same as what the seller advertises.

  1. Authenticity

Never forget to pay attention to this aspect and remember that you should always verify that the bracelet is made of genuine solid gold. Of course, you don’t want to be walking around wearing a counterfeit!

  1. Price

An element that can be important to find out if the solid gold bracelet has a good price, is the price per gram of gold. Divide the total price by the weight.  Keep in mind that when comparing jewelry prices, you should always do so through price/gr.

Also, remember that certain elements also influence the price apart from the weight and that could make the total price more expensive. They include the designer or brand jewelry, antique jewelry, jewelry with certain peculiarities.

  1. Guarantee

It’s recommended that you always buy second-hand solid gold bracelets in jewelry stores that you trust and that offer you some type of guarantee. In case of any disappointment or damage during the guaranteed period, you can always the warranty will cover for the repair or replacement.


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