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The Top 6 Benefits of Working with Other People

Over the last few years, most of us have spent at least some of our time working from home, as we’ve faced lockdowns, restrictions, and new ways of doing things. For many, home working, or even a change to self-employment, is here to stay. There are many benefits to working from home, whether you work for yourself, or you are still part of a bigger company. These can include reduced travel costs, better mood, increased productivity, and a healthier work-life balance. But it’s not always all golden. Many people miss the atmosphere of an office, and when we look at the benefits of working with other people, it’s easy to see why.

Better Problem Solving

One of the biggest benefits of working with other people is that we all bring different skills, opinions, talents, and experiences to the table. This means that we all come at problems with a slightly different approach to finding a solution. A diverse team that works well together, listens to each other, and encourages open communication and the sharing of ideas will always be better at solving complex problems than an individual.

A Creativity Boost

We’re often inspired by the people around us. Even when we work in an office as an individual, and not as a part of a team, we are inspired by those working around us. We’re inspired by their work and ideas, but also the atmosphere and even chatter in the office. People that work with, or around, other people are more likely to be creative and to come up with more creative ideas.

If we work with other people, we’re also more likely to encourage each other, and when ideas are shared, we’re likely to work out the kinks together, come up with new ideas and create real innovation.

Improved Mood

Working from home can be great, and many people love it. But it can also be very lonely. For some, it’s the ultimate solution when it comes to work-life balance, but for others, it means that work takes over all elements of their life, there is no balance, and there’s no escape from either work or home stress. For many people, working with other people means higher morale, fewer mental health issues and a far happier workplace. It’s also the chance to have friends and to see people even when you are very busy.

Improved Productivity

Not all workplaces are even, and when it comes to productivity, some teams work far better than others. But when you are around like-minded people who boost your mood and confidence, help you solve problems, and inspire you creatively, you are far more likely to work productively. Studies show that highly engaged teams are up to 21% more productive.

Increased Flexibility

When you work alone, you are everything. There’s no one to offer help if you are struggling, no one to take over when you need a break and absolutely no flexibility when it comes to your to-do list. When you work around other people, even if you are working on different projects, there’s always going to be a little more flexibility.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Collaboration is a great way to bring something new to your business and reach a wider audience. If you work alone, however, seeking opportunities to collaborate can be difficult and time-consuming. If you work around other people in a shared office, then suddenly you are surrounded by people looking to collaborate in a mutually beneficial way.

How to Work with Other People if You are Self-Employed

Many self-employed people start out working alone. While they respect the benefits of working with, or at least around other people, it’s hard to recreate them when you are your whole company, and you are based in your spare bedroom. Fortunately, it’s not impossible. If you work from home, for yourself, you can utilise co-working spaces to recreate an office atmosphere, meet like-minded people and boost your creativity. Search for studio space in Cardiff and you’ll find a great option from Meanwhile Creative. Even spending some time in a co-working space can improve your mood and help you to push your business forward.

Traditional office working is something that many of us are trying to move away from. But it’s important to recognise that there are benefits to working in an office and with or around other people. Teamwork is something that we struggle to recreate from home, even with modern tools and technology. Finding ways to work with other people, whether you are part of a team or self-employed, is a great way to improve your business.