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The Millennial Wedding Gifts: Gift Registry, Gift Cards, Charity, Cash Registry and more

Gone are the days when gift registry services were the luxury of a privileged few. The use of technology and increased digital penetration among the masses has ensured the rise of wedding portals like Wedding Wishlist who offer not only free gift registry services but also cater to the demands and aspirations of a millennial couple. The gift registry services available now are very much within everyone’s reach and their increased popularity over the years stands testament to this line of reasoning.

So what is it that makes the registry services special and an attractive proposition for couples tying the knot? Can their rising popularity be explained just by the novelty of the whole concept or is there something more than what meets the eye? The answer to all these questions lies in the dynamic nature of gifts available at a couple’s disposal which they can add to their dream wishlist. The couple could add a product, a gift card, or an experience to their wedding registry or they could receive cash gifts or they could even opt for charity gifts. Each of these options is unique in their own way and helps meet the preferences of a wider audience.

An incorrect notion prevalent among few couples is that gift registries are only limited to a set of products or cash gifts which guests could present or contribute to their wedding. They are not even aware of the variety of gifts that could be added to their registry which is not only trendy but also has a high convenience factor. Take gift cards, for example, they are the most flexible gifting options as they allow guests to stay within budget and are eco-friendly. They also help the couple to pick a product of their choice when the need arises rather than out of compulsion as they generally come with longer validity periods.

Another popular gifting choice is the option of receiving charity contributions as wedding gifts. Millennial couples realizing their social responsibility and from their desire to make their wedding more meaningful opt for charity gifts in their registry. So guests are encouraged by couples to make charity donations and the contributions received in this form are donated by the couple to a charity working on a worthy cause as per their liking.

A more intimate gifting choice would be the inclusion of an experience gift in the gift registry like couple getaways, adventure sports, or even a beauty/spa package. This will add a touch of personalization to the whole registry experience and guests too would be satisfied that they have gifted something different and memorable for the couple. Again similar to gift cards, these too come with a decent validity period and the couple could redeem it at a time and place of their choice.

The gifting scene in India has evolved rapidly in recent years especially in the case of weddings. Couples are open to experimenting with their wedding choices more than ever before and the gift registry is one benefit that a couple can ill afford to ignore for long.