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The Importance of Urban Gardens for Large Cities

Trees can provide a significant benefit to those who live near them.Since they eliminate from 7 to 24 percent of the particles clean air that suspended in the surroundings, according to The Nature Conservancy. In addition, the trees help to reduce the ambient temperature in the cities avoiding heat shocks that can become deadly.

Urban gardens have several beneficial, even curative, effects. There are studies that shows that in hospitals, patients who have a view of a garden or green area recover earlier than those who do not.

It has also been shown that residents of green areas – still with few trees and little grass – experience less violence in their homes and more spirit of community than those who live in places where there is no connection with nature.

The gardens represent an escape from routine and the characteristic noise of the huge avenues, shopping centers and residential areas of the cities, becoming the ideal spaces for sports and healthy living. A good hike in nature can become the difference between having a more stable life and one in stress.

On the other hand, forests and urban gardens serve as a refuge for hundreds of species, both fauna and flora, which have been displaced by the development and construction of streets and buildings.

Urban gardens are not only good for the soul and the environment, they are also good for the economy of cities, since urban parks and gardens in good condition are transformed into popular destinations for tourists. In the city of New York, for example, Central Park is the second most visited place, after the Empire State Building.

The gardens and urban parks not only embellish the cities. Also essential for the welfare of citizens, therefore efforts to compensate, generate, rescue and rehabilitate green areas are increasing.

Many of the flower festivals aims to promote gardening, horticulture, landscaping, floriculture and “terrestrial art” as entertainment and cultural activities, as well as contributing to the rehabilitation of urban gardens and green areas such as the Botanical Garden of Chapultepec Forest.

Urban should maintain properly. Otherwise, some hazard we face during storm, which break large branch of trees. Also, caught fire at summer time.  Maintain & care of any garden keep fresh & green. Some of proper tools like chainsaw, hedge, trimmer should use. A needful best chainsaw reviews will give you good knowledge.

Vertical Gardens in your Office

The Vertical Gardens in an office not only serve as decoration, they also offer us different benefits when placed inside our workspace.

The Green Walls as they are also called, having natural vegetation provides a calming effect, which plants produce, as well as being effective from other senses, such as sight and smell; its smell provokes a depurative action and the visual impression, causes sensation of well-being and energy.

The plants are a powerful air freshener and by placing them in a closed place, they act as filters, transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Being in contact with nature has many more benefits than you imagine.

Benefits for employe

Lack of concentration in workers is reduced by 70% if plants surround them.

Scientists support that having plants in the workplace is very beneficial; NASA found that they generate significant psychological effects on people.

It is said that vegetation in an office increases productivity and has numerous health benefits. In addition, the plants are a simple and accessible way to decorate any space.

A research by the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) of England, confirmed that plants generate a sense of well-being, reduce stress and improve concentration when working.

The conclusions were decisive, having daily contact with these natural elements leads to greater productivity of workers.