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The helpful P90X3 Program Review

P90X3 is a combination of P90X and P90X2, condensed in 30min. I like long workouts, 45min-1hr, but I make the sacrifice of getting up at 4:20 am to do them. Not everyone has the time for 1 hour of exercises. And after having taken just 25 minutes a day with Focus T25, this 30min is a stick.

The program is different from P90X and P90X2. In P90X, I remember that those first 2 days were a nightmare.

In P90X2 I was already in good physical condition and it did not give me so much work the first week. Still, I ended up in pain. Well, the same happens with P90X3. Have a look at this detailed P90X3 Review!

In Block 1, the classic itinerary, which is what I do, follows this order:

  1. Total Synergistics: full body routine. Combine exercises for the core, flexibility, resistance with your body, resistance with weights or bands, isometric. It’s an all-around to start falling in time. It’s strong, but it does not feel as bad as Chest & Back the first time you do it. And it has many modifications.
  2. Agility X: now the good starts. The cardio with explosiveness, movements similar to Asylum! Here it puts you to sweat a lot in 30min, still confused see the P90X3 Review. And Tony makes it stronger because there are some exercises where you have to move from side to side, according to him tell you, and sometimes it goes very fast.
  3. Yoga X3: 30 minutes of stretching and good flexibility. I liked a lot, especially the end because it is the Corpse Pose for 1 full minute. It is not as intense as Yoga X, and not as fast as Yoga X2. It is a good combination. It looks like the One-on-One Patience Hummingbird.
  4. The Challenge: there is no break here that you say that this is easy. I mention it because I have seen people on the boards of Team Beachbody complaining that P90X3 is very easy compared to P90X (the same was said of the first days of P90X2). This routine is simple and simply pull-ups and push-ups. You put on a number of pull-ups and push-ups as goals and to achieve it has been said. Today was my third week and I ended up with 111 pull-ups and 223 push-ups in 30min. You can hardly move your arms. It’s the Chest & Back of P90X3.
  5. CVX: this one is brutal. It is cardio of intervals, but with a dumbbell. The first time I did I started with a 10lbs weight and ended up with 5lbs (or without weights). It was quite “humbling”. And tomorrow I’ll take one of 8lbs as much as I can. The important thing is to do the exercises in the right way, not the speed. Check out the P90X3 Review!
  6. The Warrior: is similar to Total Synergistics, but without any weight. A combination of kickboxing, isometric exercises, exercises for the Core, explosiveness, etc., only using your body. For a client in the United States I recorded some modifications to make it easier:
  7. Dynamix or Rest: well I have not rested. I’ve done Dynamix on 2 Sundays and I think I’ll do it again this Sunday. Now, this is not the Stretch X from P90X or the Recovery from X2. Its stretch and recovery, but very dynamic, with a lot of movement, and again, you work the Core a lot. I finish well sweaty but good relax. This P90X3 Review is a must read! That is the week. I bought the advanced DVDs, which have Ab Ripper X3, which I added 2-3 times a week. Ab Ripper X3 is just as challenging as the original Ab Ripper X. I still have not been able to complete it without breaks. Add weights to certain exercises.


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