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The Chakras: Introduction To The Chakras & Their Properties

According to Hinduism and some Asian cultures, the chakras are energetic vortexes located in the subtle bodies of the human being, called Kama Rupa (‘form of desire’) or lingasharira (‘symbolic body’). Your task is the reception, accumulation, transformation and distribution of energy called prana.

Each of these centres resembles an open flower and has certain colours that are more or less bright depending on the evolutionary state of the person.

The energy that acts behind our physical body unfolds within a perfect system. Within each being, there is an immense network of nerves that interpret everything that happens in the outside world.

The chakras are the energetic points that govern our physical body while regulating the absorption and exit of energy. When a chakra develops through our work with it, it goes from a state of latency to a state of activity that will be more or less great according to what we have developed it.

The chakras are described in the tantric texts as Sat-Cakra-Nirupana, and the Padaka-Pancaka, as energy that emanates from the spiritual and that gradually becomes concrete, creating different levels of chakras, and that eventually finds its rest in the chakra Muladhara

The energy released in creation, called Kundalini, lies dormant, then, at the base of the spine. Therefore, it is the purpose of tantric yoga or kundalini to manifest this energy and to elevate it through the central channel through the chakras, until the union with the Absolute is achieved in the Sahasrara chakra in the head.

It is said that the seven chakras reflect how the human sense (the immortal human or the soul), is divided to handle different aspects of earthly life (body/ instinct/life energy/emotions/ communication/contact with the Absolute).

The chakras are associated with different levels of spiritual delicacy, with Sahasrara in the highest position related to the pure sense, and Muladhara in the lowest position being related to the matter.

Some Useful Stone for Chakra

Garnets, Security and Trust

The name garnets come from the Latin “malungranatum, with an abundance of grains. Possibly it refers to the malumgranatum, pomegranate tree, the plant whose seeds have a shape, size and colour similar to those of some garnet crystals.

Garnet is used in meditation. Strengthens creative energy, garnets induce action and creativity and is highly indicated for depression and the states of menacolia and sadness.

Symbol of the friendship, it is frequent that when good friends are separated they exchange garnets as a symbol of the force that unites them.

Onix, Help make decisions

The name onix comes from the Greek onyx which means nail.

The onyx is a variety of agate formed by quartz listed with alternating light and dark colours

It was already used in ancient Egypt in jewellery; it was attributed properties against the evil eye and its power bearer of happiness and prosperity.

The Onix helps to think objectively, used by people suffering from melancholy. The Onix helps us make quick decisions.

Emotionally stabilizes the terror of the unknown, favours and enhances meditation. It has stabilizing effects on the organism; it restores the order and the good functioning of our body.

Moonstone, Spirituality

Its name comes from the Latin t. Petra moon, the stone of the lunar Goddesses Diana, Isis, and Selene

The Moonstone is a translucent mineral of the feldspar group that has an adular appearance.

Malachite, Symbol of creativity

Its name comes from the Latin malachite, in allusion to its colour.

Malachite will protect you from dangers and help you cope. Used for the purification of energetic bodies and in the physical field. Acts on the third and fourth chakra.

It improves the state of mind, helps regenerate tissues, and balances emotional disorders and crisis situations.

Malachite is the stone of intelligence and favours inspiration; It is the symbol of creativity,

It is the so-called balance stone because it helps to channel one’s own energies and direct them toward a goal.

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