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The Best Grammar Checkers For Bloggers To Use In 2019

Grammar Learning

If you find difficulty in writing content for your blog because there are many grammar mistakes present in your content. Then you are not alone who makes silly mistakes while writing content for their blogs. You can get rid of this problem by a grammar checker call Grammarly which is a software. this software will help you to rectify all the mistakes present in your content to make it correct. So your content can provide good values to the visitors. we will see more details on how to use Grammarly and what are the benefits of using it for a blogger.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an advance auto-correct software which checks for grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes you do why writing anything. Grammarly helps you to correct all the mistakes of your post so you can write the best quality content.

How Grammarly is helpful?

As I said earlier we are not computer or robots we do mistakes in everything so it is most common to do mistakes in writing too. Sometimes we forget to capitalize, add punctuations or write wrong spelling, so to correct these mistakes we need the best tool which can automatically check for the mistakes and correct it.

If you are a blogger then the content is the backbone for any blog and if you are new then you don’t have money to invest in paid writers to the writer for your content then you will have to write all the content for yourself. Here comes the problem when you don’t have good experience in writing then you definitely will make silly mistakes while writing posy for your blog and this will have a negative effect of your blog as people only want the best articles and post and when you post the articles with a lot of mistakes then people will start to form bad impression of your blog. then you will end up quitting the blogging.

This problem is not just for bloggers it can also happen to someone who wants to earn some money buys becoming a content writer but don’t have writing experience and make a lot of grammatical mistakes in the article. With this problem he/she will find difficulty in finding any orders because who wants to have content will lots of mistakes.

So to solve all these problems you can use Grammarly which is a very simple and effective tool which will guide you through all your mistakes and will suggest you replace the wrong word with the correct one.

You can use Grammarly for not just writing articles or blog post but you can also use it to help you write professional emails and other official documents where mistakes should be avoided. It is the best helping hand if you are not fluent in English but want to write professionally then Grammarly is one of the best choices for you. there are many amazing features of Grammarly which you can take benefit of in your daily life.

Grammarly features

1. AI writing assistant

Grammarly is an advanced AI writing assistant to assist you in all platforms for writing any document, emails, letters, articles etc. The AI learns and adapt to your writing style and identify any kind of mistakes present in the content and if present then it will show the mistake with the correct answer which you can replace with.

2. Grammar checker

Grammar mistakes are the most common mistakes which we all do while writing anything so to solve this problem Grammarly programmed its assistant to check for grammatical mistakes and provide the correct words in replacement of it.

3. Plagiarism

If you are a blogger or content writer then you must be aware of the word plagiarism. It is the copy of your content which is punishable. While writing any content it is important to look for plagiarism to avoid any circumstances.

For a blog, plagiarism is very important as if Google will find the duplicate content on your blog then it will deactivate your blogger account or the blog content will be hidden from the public. So it becomes important to write unique content.

If you have hired a content writer for writing content for your blog then it is better to check for the plagiarism to make sure he is delivery the genuine and not copied content to you.

There are many plagiarisms check out in the market but they are not accurate. So Grammarly provides its own plagiarism tool from which you can check for the similar content.

4. Writing style

The Grammarly is programmed for different writing styles for example. Formal, informal, general etc so it can provide suggestions according to the writing style.


This is a great feature to improve the quality of any content. Grammarly will automatically suggest a suitable vocabulary for the given sentence which will give the professional writer.

6.Available in all platforms

Grammarly is available for all platforms. You can download the Grammarly software from the official website for windows, mac, Linux or you can even use it by the browser extension. Other than this you can add Grammarly in the MS-office so you can write great content.

7. Number of user

Grammarly is flexible for a single user as well as multiple. You can purchase Grammarly as an individual or as an organization if you have the team of writers so you can get discount on the package and is provided the admin panel from where you can easily manage the users and content.

Grammarly comes in 3 packages. Free, premium and business. in the free version, you will only have the features to check for the grammar errors and have to purchase to unlock all the features.

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