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The Barometer for Choosing the Best Marble Worktop

Finding the right marble worktop can be quite exhausting unless you know the right metrics of selection. Marble kitchen worktops are the epitome of nature’s beauty with the required aesthetics and purity incorporated into it. This natural material is applauded for its quality and durability along with other natural attributes. However, being aware of the slight, notable differences between the different qualities of marble will help you make a rational choice. Have a look at how you can choose the right marble worktops on the following yardsticks.

  • When buying, do check for cracks if any. There is a vast difference between fissures and cracks but many get confused between both. A fissure is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is observable in any stone, while cracks happen due to rough handling of the material. If you slide your nails across the fissure, your nails will not get stuck into it but it is not the same with cracks. If you run your nails over cracks, it will get caught in it. Unlike cracks, fissures are part of a stone’s characteristic that creates the appeal.
  • Ask the marble supplier about the origin of the stone. White marble such as Statuario and Calacatta are highly in demand. It should be known that white marble worktop featuring veins are popularly known as Calacatta marble. For your information, authentic Calacatta hails from Carrara in Italy from the mountain quarries and Statuario also originates from Italy. The true and authentic marbles are relatively nonporous and dense, thus making them stain-resistant and durable. If it is an artificial marble slab emulating the authenticity of real marble then it will not last long and stains will happen very soon.
  • There are a variety of colours available in marble stone. When it comes to choosing kitchen marble countertops, white is the right choice. This is because acidic staining which is common in kitchens is more visible in any other coloured marbles than white marbles. If it is a non-white or dark marble, then caveats need to be used on it to conceal the stains.
  • When selecting marble slabs, you should be aware that each slab is different from the other. First, select the right pieces of stones that are used for covering the countertops. Only the professionals are aware of the art of selecting marble worktops since they can find out the position of the veins and how it will match with the veins of the other marble slabs. Try to fetch longer pieces without seams since they prove to be the best. You should know that the adjacent pieces have mirror appearances.
  • Another important factor that plays a huge role in marble selection is its finishes. In recent times, the stone industry underwent massive transformation with the application of newer technologies. Compared to the earlier days, there are more ways of finishing marble stones, including polishing and brushing techniques. The latest introduction is an orange-peel-like-texture provided on the stone that is called river-wash or leather finish. Therefore, when looking for the finest marble finishes, do opt for stones that have been processed in the factory with new technologies applied to it.
  • Be particular about the countertop edges and other related details. There are various edge profiles to choose from but the simple eased edge is one of its kinds. Even the bull’s nose is another choice that is very much popular with many buyers. Before buying you should keep in mind that marble is a hard stone so its chances of becoming brittle are quite high. Therefore, if there is a high impact on its 90-degree corner it can cause chipping of the stone. However, a curved corner is less likely to chip. With new processes and technologies coming on the fore, there are different patterns available for engraving the edge of the stone. Before you buy, do market research and consult with professionals to grasp an idea about the right marble look and appeal suited for marble kitchen countertops.
  • The budget plays a determining role which cannot be avoided. The more flexible is your budget, the better you can opt for greater quality of marble stones. However, if you are on a narrowed-down budget, opt for less costly marble stones but only after talking to professionals.

Based on the above yardsticks, pick your marble stone that is suited as per your needs and choices. Whatever decision you take, always talk to a consultant or professional seller who can advise you on the best product within a suitable budget.

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