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The Advantages of Cryptocurrency Scheme and How Genesisone Takes That to the next Level

Cryptocurrencies are virtual coins with a decentralized and equal character created to provide an alternative payment option to the traditional one and also to offer the opportunity to earn thanks to their operation. It is possible to sell, buy and store them on special platforms, which manage the transaction in total safety. In this article we will discover the benefits of using them.

Advantages of cryptocurrency

Due to its revolutionary reach, cryptocurrency undoubtedly brings with it several advantages.

Money transfers

The first advantage that the use of cryptocurrency brings is certainly the simplicity of the money transfer, especially in cases of abroad transactions. Being a virtual currency, all the difficulties of a cash transfer are eliminated and it is possible to send and receive money anywhere in the world.

A plus of using cryptocurrency is also not having problems with holidays or borders because all digital currencies are not controlled by a central authority and the holder of the money has full control of all the transactions he wishes to carry out.

Security and control of transactions and the wallet

When it comes to money, having the certainty of total security and control of your wallet is always of fundamental importance. On GenesisONE, for example, a platform that manages the sale, purchase and storage of cryptocurrencies, your data, even if the final transactions are available to everyone through blockchain technology, will always remain protected and accessible only to you.

Each access is carried out with extremely accurate security protocols and all operations are checked daily 24 hours a day. Each user has full control of their operations and no information relating to identity will be revealed.

Clear, accessible and transparent information

Dealing with the investments of sellers and buyers means that transparency and clarity of information is always a priority. The transaction protocols are always clear and detailed, updates are constant and it is possible to have access at any time to your digital wallet to retrieve any information you need to obtain.

Risk reduction for sellers

The investment and use of cryptocurrencies also brings an additional advantage that is certainly interesting to consider: transactions cannot be canceled with the consequent reduction of risks for sellers who see the possibility of clearly limited fraud.

Affordable commission rate

One of the things that often get annoyed about real money transactions are the commission rates. Another benefit of cryptocurrency is the low transaction fees. It is possible to have access to priority transactions with increased commissions, but it is only a personal choice of those who operate. The trading rate is also affordable.

Further development of cryptocurrency scheme

GenesisONE is a crypto-currency based fundraising method that is set up with a flat rate of $ 1 USD. In contrast to other highly volatile cryptocurrencies, the GenesisONE coin has a fixed value, guaranteeing its ability to become a stable medium of exchange, now and in the future. Not only is it a stable value, every coin or token from GenesisONE is also protected by an excellent security system.

GenesisONE, as a crypto currency distribution scheme, aims to engage more people in the world to engage in global financial projects, including virtual gambling games. As an example; someone in Malaysia, thanks to GenesisONE, can play at Euromillions for example.

Not only online gambling games, every GenesisONE investor also has the opportunity to use cryptocurrency from GenesisONE to participate in digital trading such as stock trading, forex, and so on. In short, GenesisONE has taken the role of cryptocurrency to another level.

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