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Sisal Flooring: A New Age Decor

Sisal is a plant fibre that is obtained out of the plant Sisalana which belongs to a particular Agave group. These plants have a unique structure. The plant body is long and lean and the leaves have sharp features. Sisal Carpets or flooring is manufactured out of the plant fibre. This makes the carpet eco-friendly, natural, and sustainable. Sisal flooring is strong and resilient, which is why it is the perfect material to be used in floors which undergo heavy movements. Sisal flooring is the new age trend and it has been gaining attention in the other part of the world. These Sisal Floorings are not the regular carpets, they are refined and have a sophisticated touch as it has a 3.5cm border to add a fine and polished touch. The Sisal material is not only used in flooring, but it is also used for other decorative purposes. Sisal material is very versatile, it can be used to decorate walls, floors, and other eye-catchy areas.

Sisal Flooring: A Natural Bliss

Sisal flooring is a natural fibre which has a refined touch and it is widely popular in porch areas. One of the major advantages is that it is completely natural and eco-friendly. It has a very raw and rustic tone; this is the new age colour pallet that is widely preferred. It has an elite and expensive look. It is highly attractive. It is truly one of a kind. Since sisal floorings have a raw and rustic tone, it can easily cover and suppress the look of dirt. One more major benefit is that it contains less toxins and chemicals that can harm one’s health. 

Method of Production:

Sisal floorings are obtained out of natural plant fibres and therefore they replicate the undertone of its origin. Since these are carefully made, it fits the area perfectly. It denotes refinement. Sisal fibres, before the processing and raw state, look like lean white fibres which are then preserved and naturally dried. This dried fibre will then be transformed into yarns. Sisal flooring carpets are not basic ones; they include different patterns of stitches, knots, and pallets as per the modern taste. 

Benefits of using Sisal Flooring

Sisal Flooring holds a lot of benefits to its consumer that includes; It can easily conceal dirt marks and make the place look neat and clean. It is free of toxins, chemically formulated dyes. Since it is natural, it is non-allergic and non-toxic to pets and humans. It is highly durable, resilient, and holds resistance towards strong movements. It does not wear easily and therefore long-lasting. It is available in natural shades, which makes it suitable for most of the interior decorations. Moreover, sisal flooring is highly effective in noise absorption.

Guidelines for Sisal Flooring

In order to make full use of the Sisal Material, it is essential to address the methods of usage. Firstly, Sisal Flooring Carpets absorb moisture which means they should never be placed in moist or humid conditions. This includes the restroom floor, outdoor balcony, etc. Since it absorbs moisture, it might become heavy and unusable. Therefore, it is suggested to limits is used to the indoors alone. Sisal floorings are heavy; therefore it is advisable to use it only in times of need or in places like the living room. Otherwise, it could be a task to constantly carry it around.

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