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Signs of a Moth Infestation

There are multiple types of moths that can infect the clothes, carpets, pantry, or packed food storage in your home, causing mild to irreparable damage.

Unfortunately, moth infestation is not always easy to spot in the early stages. That is why people usually call professional moth control only after the situation has been gradually getting out of control.

So, today we are presenting you with a short guide to recognizing the signs of moth invasion in your property: from the very first indications to the pronounced phase of the infestation.

Moth caterpillars

If you happen to spot a moth caterpillar before it hatches and does the damage, you will be a lucky one. Moth caterpillars are small worms that look like larvae. You can spot them on the walls of your closet, directly on the fabric of the clothing, or in your food storage cabinet.

What to do then? Emptying everything, cleaning it up, and storing it again would be your best shot.

Silken tubes

Those little white-greyish tubes are the place where moth caterpillars live. You may happen to spot the tube while it’s empty. This means that the worm of the moth is out there, growing up, and maturing.

Multiple silken tubes indicate the presence of numerous moth worms, and that’s bad news for you. To prevent further infestation, clean up your stuff, and consult with professional pest control as soon as possible. That’s the best way to receive adequate instructions on handling the situation.

Pupae (silk cocoons)

Pupae look like silk cocoons – that’s where moth larvae finally emerge as adult moths. If you lack experience, you might not be able to tell the difference between silken tubes and pupae, and actually – you don’t need to. It’s just enough to recognize a little soft pocket and understand that something’s wrong.

Empty silk cocoons will tell you one thing: you have a grown moth inside your home. Considering the pace of moths reproduction, this is sufficient time to plan a pest control strategy before it’s too late.

Adult moths

A brief Google search will show you tens of images to help you understand what moths look like. If you’re feeling a bit puzzled, worry not – there are estimated to be over 160,000 species of moths out there.

Adult moths are often crawling instead of flying. They can vary in shape and colour, depending on your region and your property’s natural setting. The largest moth globally is the Atlas moth, whose wingspan can measure up to 24 cm. The world’s smallest moth – Stigmella Maya – on the other hand, has an overall size of just 1.2 millimetres.

Are you feeling confused yet? The good news is that expert moth control services will help you recognize the intruders and make them go away for good.

Damaged clothes and goods

You might spot a moth infestation only after the damage is done, and that shouldn’t make you lose hope.

Holes in your clothing, carpets, or packed foods are some signs you can’t miss. To prevent things from getting completely out of control, we strongly advise you to call pest control Lambeth as soon as you can.

Because when moths are concerned, taking the first step means your journey is halfway successful!