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SEO for Plumbers: 10 Tactics You Can Use to Rank Higher

Plumber Search engine optimization is a marketing tool that has been in the market for many years. This technique has enjoyed rapid growth with Google being on the forefront in promoting healthy, safe and organic SEO strategies.

The process of optimizing any website on the search engines can be tedious and one that involves a lot of technical procedures. Since Google advocates for natural optimization techniques that involve the provision of quality content, use of trusted backlinks, relevant images, and videos- it’s vital to set up a solid SEO base in your plumbing Leads. Apart from Facebook Ads and Instagram marketing, here are some vital SEO marketing techniques to get you started.

1. Quality content

If the articles you have in your site are irrelevant to the niche, chances are it’s among the sites that are constantly pushed to the bottom of the rank list. The articles should be informative and directional.

2. Is your site reader friendly?

Google can detect sites that are generic with a lot of backlinks and stuffed keywords. Once Google notices some suspicious dark SEO tactics- your site can be suspended or dragged to the bottom of the search engines. Proper web and mobile design will also make sure that your site is accessible via any device.

3. Bounce rate

This dictates the resourcefulness of your website. Google can clearly track the level of engagement your site attracts. If your plumbing website attracts visitors for less than 2 minutes, chances are-your site is constantly losing the ranks. To make your site more engaging, post long articles with engaging content. This will keep the site visitors for long, hence lower bounce rate and higher ranking.

4. On-site optimization

This is a general term that houses a number of SEO techniques from the use of relevant titles, subheadings, META tags, keyword variations, and the keyword density. Some of the keywords you should prioritize are those with a hiring intent and those with a research intent. The former is the fastest way to make money with the local SEO campaign. Such keywords should be included in the description part of your service page and in the content of your homepage. Keywords with research intent are best for blog posts such as; How To Choose the Right Plumber, How to Keep your Drain clear, How to Clear a Clogged Pipe, etc.

5. Optimize Google My Business page

To rank high on the local Google Map listing; make sure your plumbing business is registered and verified with the Google My Business listing. To register your business with Google, just visit the link- The page should be full of relevant information from the name of the business, location, working hours, lengthy descriptions, reviews, images to videos.

Since every sober business is registered with the GMB (Google My Business), chances are- competition is still very high. To offset the level of competition, make sure your business is listed on some of the high-traffic directories such as Yelp, Four Square, Manta and BBB (Better Business).

6. Link building

Both inbound and outbound links can help your site rank better. It all depends on how you use them. For example, Google will reward your site for inbound links from quality and high authority sites. It will also rank your site for outbound links linking to high-performing sites within your niche. Low-quality backlinks that appear more like a scam will get you punished. Your site will be ranked on the bottom or blacklisted.

7. Use pictures/ videos

Most visitors coming to your site are visual learners who will only have a reason to stay a little longer if they find something attractive. Accompany your post with high resolution images. Avoid lengthy and high-graphics videos that will freeze their browser pages.

8. Reviews

SEO efforts without genuine reviews from third parties and clients won’t work so well. Make sure you’re engaging your readers and clients through blog posts and discussion forums. Let every customer you serve help you build a good reputation via reviews. This will attract more clients and your online presence will mature and outshine your competitors.

9. Guest posting

Guest posting will not only give you a chance to advertise your business but also get those quality links to your website. Always be on the lookout for guest posting opportunities especially from companies that bears some relevance to your niche. For example, construction firms, online stores, reviews directories, etc.

According to, guest posting is one of the best promotional and authoritative campaigns you do to make your company seen by millions. It, however, needs to be executed with a proper plan to avoid hurting your ranks or even jumping off the bar in the SEO world.

10. Track your results

Any work that’s done without a well-kept record hardly yield good results. You should keep your Plumbing SEO techniques in a close watch every now and then to see what really works and what seems to be a waste of time. This way, you’ll be in a position to blend in certain techniques you think will boost the existing strategies.


Every online entrepreneur understands the importance of traffic to his or her website. There’s only one way of staying relevant is this plumbing marketing and that is -keeping a good rank on the online platform. The above SEO techniques are no secrets or some black magic skills- they are practical strategies that need proper organization and implementation to call it a success. If you’d like to make this process 100% hands-off and handled by SEO professionals then head over to Aiir Digital Marketing to ensure SEO rankings.

Do you agree with our 10 tactics to ranking your plumbing business higher on the online platforms? Or do you feel like we left something behind? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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