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Seagrass Carpets- Top Tips for Maintenance and Cleaning

Seagrass carpets are the natural rugs, which are produced from the grass grown in the marshes and shallow waters. Since the mats are made up of natural fibre, they are sustainable and biodegradable in nature.

Also, they have a natural film coating which prevents the dirt and grime to stick on. Due to this particular property of seagrass rugs, they are the most preferable option for the floor coverings. Apart from this, regular vacuum cleaning and stain treatments can further help in extending the life of your favourite natural fibre rug. Water is generally resisted by the waxy coating; hence, it requires gentle treatment to manage the stains and blotches.

Also, if moisture gets to seeps in, can become very dangerous to the carpet life, hence, needs to be treated in time.

Here’s is a list of few tips that you can apply to clean the seagrass carpets that can help to keep them in good condition for a very long time to come.

  • Vacuuming: Dry cleaning works best for natural rugs. Since there is a tendency to absorb the moisture and mould build up, it shouldn’t be washed regularly.

Using vacuum 2 – 3 times a week, absorbs all the build up with the help of suction. Do several rounds in different directions to help dislodge and suck up the dirt from every nook and corner.

Vacuuming is also the first step before you start the spot treatment.

  • Solid Spillage: You can try the scraping method, which works just fine for things like food, chalk, makeup, or any other spilled substance that is solid in nature. You can make use of a blunt knife to carefully scrape and lift out the dried out material on your seagrass carpet.
  • Blotting to treat liquid spills: If you happen to drop a glass of wine, water, milk or any other liquid material, it needs to be blotted first with the towel or an absorbing tissue. This will help immediately help in absorbing the liquid and prevent it from penetrating deep into the fabric.
  • Detergent Treatment: If after implementing all the above procedures, still there are few noticeable stains left on your rug, here is a detergent concoction that you can use to treat it.

Take a small bowl and mix one part each of warm water and any neutral detergent. Stir it well till the detergent is dissolved and mixture turns kind of soapy.

  1. Dip the sponge into the mixture and apply the same on the carpet without pressurizing too much, directly on the face of the stain. Work your way towards the centre. Stains like pet pee, wine; food etc. can be easily removed using this method.
  2. Now again use the towel cloth or the paper tissue to take off the excess moisture from the solution so that it must not sink in.
  3. If you still see the traces of spot, repeat step a) and b).
  4. Finally, once the stain from the seagrass rug is completely treated, do the targeted drying up of the affected area. You can make use of the hair dryer for the same.

Above methods, when applied properly can help you keep your favourite rug in its pristine form, for many years to come.

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