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Sarees that one must flaunt in any occasion

When it comes to sarees then India has a lot to offer. It is their traditional dress and each and every state has their own unique sarees to flaunt.  So, if one wants to add some sarees to their wardrobe, then they must choose from the lovely options and types that are available and then decide which will suit them well.

A plain orange saree can be worn for any casual outings but what material it should be can depend on the choice of the individual who will be wearing it. Hence, here are some popular traditional sarees types of India which one can choose to wear and add to their sareewardrobe.

Benarasi Silk, UP

This is traditional yet very casual and thus it has to be there is every Indian woman’s wardrobe. They are specially hand woven in Varanasi (previously named as Banaras, hence the name) and they are done on some fabulous colours. They have a very sheen texture and though they look simple, when one drapes it, it looks really gorgeous on them. One can pair them up with minimal gold jewellery and can attend any occasion.

Kanjeevaram, Tamil Nadu

This one is famous because of its vibrant colours. They have temple patterned borders and they are very popular as the bridal colours in the southern part of India. One can wear the light designed sarees to any casual occasion and the heavy ones to family functions or weddings.

Kasavu, Kerala

They were originally known as MundumNereyatham. They look simple and it is mostly off white in colour that has a golden border. They are iconic on their own way and they are made full of elegance and tradition. One can wear them on any simple occasions and outings.

Paithani, Maharashtra

They are native to the state of Maharashtra and the designs are beautifully blended here. The borders of these sarees are unique because they have oblique square designs. They have a light and shade combination and here 2 different colours of silks are woven together. They are hand woven sarees which one can flaunt at any trendy parties.

Bandhini, Gujarat

They are made with tie and dye technique and they are full of vibrant colours. They are made with some tying knots and the material which they are available in is generally chiffon. But yes, these days they are dyed on other materials as well like crepe, cotton and georgette. One can wear them easily on summers because they are light on the body and give one a breezy effect.

Chanderi, MP

This is a perfect blend of style and simplicity. They are made from lightweight fabrics and they have some nice and pretty borders. They are very popular because they have geometric patterns as designs.

Muga, Assam

They are made from silk worms and they are special because it is a weaving sareeand intricately designed. They look really exceptional once draped.

One can get a black orange saree in any form and variety and can add them to their wardrobe.

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