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Renovation tips for a relaxing bathroom space

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From showering to brushing your teeth, your bathroom goes through a lot and is one of the rooms of the house that gets used multiple times throughout the day. As such, it can soon become worse for wear and tired looking, with temperatures fluctuations, humidity, and grime taking their toll. However, your bathroom can and should be a place of relaxation, where you can indulge in a pampering session at the end of a long and stressful day. To help you out, here are some renovation tips for a relaxing bathroom space.

Swap your shower for a whirlpool or Jacuzzi bath

Showers are essential for a quick bathroom routine, allowing you to thoroughly wash your entire body in only a matter of minutes. Whilst time-saving is essential for when you are rushing to get ready for work in the morning, a shower does not encourage you to sit back and relax for a pamper session. Instead, you could consider adding a whirlpool or Jacuzzi bathtub to turn your mundane bathroom into a spa. A great pampering experience after a stressful day at work, whirlpool and Jacuzzi baths gently massage your body until you are totally and utterly relaxed.

Heated flooring

Everyone has experienced the horror of a cold bathroom floor during the chilly winter months. Heated flooring adds luxury to your bathroom and means that you will never again be reluctant to go barefoot during cold weather. Have an electrician or tile expert lay an electric underfloor heating mat underneath your bathroom tiles to warm up your entire floor space, and you will have a comfortable bathroom with a toasty floor that perfectly sets the tone for a relaxing and calming beginning and end to your day.

House plants

House plants are only for the living room, right? In fact, the right plants can make an ideal addition to a bathroom space, adding a relaxing splash of colour and texture for you to admire whilst you are bathing. They also help to remove toxins from the air, making for a clean and easily breathable environment. Look for house plants that thrive in an environment of high humidity with little sunlight, such as ferns and aloe vera. With the addition of house plants, your bathroom will have the look of a tropical rainforest.

Bath towels and bathrobe

Nothing is more luxurious than snuggling into a cosy bathrobe after having dried yourself off with thick and fluffy towels after a relaxing soak in the bath. Unfortunately, however, thanks to harsh detergents and drying techniques, your bath towels and bathrobe can quickly become threadbare and hard so that you may feel as though you are using sandpaper to dry yourself. Investing in fluffy towels and a bathrobe will bring the spa experience to your home. To ensure that they last for longer, make sure that you wash them using gentle detergents on a low temperature, and you could even add towel softener to your washing machine.