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Quartz Aura Lila or Aura Amethyst | Meaning and Uses of Amethyst

General appearance

It can be found in the form of a tip, druse or boulder. Its base color is purple, purple or homogeneous purple. It is the result of treating quartz with doses of platinum and gold, recreating an iridescence, whose brightness is usually golden, greenish, bluish or violet, depending on its components. The crystal is transparent or translucent, relatively cold and light; slightly rough touch (you cannot tell if it’s polished). Not to be confused with the Amethyst Aura Angel, which is similar, but its base quartz is a sprinkled amethyst, not a hyaline.


Easier to get in specialized stores, but it’s expensive.



Zodiac sign



It opens the upper coronary chakras, aligning with the infinity of being and producing the transmutation of old bad uses of our spiritual power. The amethyst aura is a very peculiar crystal because it is one of the few capable of helping the soul to face death, offering us also immense support and comfort during a terminal illness.

The perfect carrier of essences of flowers or gems to gently dissolve bad karma, and attitudes and emotions that would be harmful without being taken to the next world. It is also an effective tool for the liberation of spirits, encouraging the trapped souls to go towards the light, attracting their guides for the trip.


It produces multidimensional healing, including parts of the soul that have not completed their reincarnation state, thus facilitating the transition to other states of being. Retouch cellular memory, beneficial for detoxification at all levels, fertility and skin rashes.


Where appropriate.


It is usually used in trusses on the deathbed of the dying, to help them in their transition to the Other Life. Holding this stone allows us, as therapists, to travel safely actually, where necessary to release the soul and evaluate if there is something that soul needs to complete before moving on.

Cleaning and recharging

Anyone is worth.

Immensely Beneficial Amethyst Stone

In the most prominent benefits of Amethyst stone, it is considered to be an open sesame to liberate one from the habit of drinking alcohol. Even, its name which is a Greek word defines the same, according to some beliefs. Other than the addition of alcohol, it is also considered to help one get rid of all other possible addictions, which drive one to the wrong end of the life, such as drug usage, homesickness, etc.

Amethyst stone is considered to be an equally effective healing tool for problems related to sleeping, hearing, breathing, headache, and body pain. It is also considered to bring a state of mental balance, and a calmness and stability, which helps one to have a good and peaceful sleep. It also lowers the impact of mental disorders and psychic attacks in its wearer. It elevates energy levels, which helps one to live life to the fullest. Also, it helps one to move ahead of the depressing times and situations. One grows as a person and gains honesty, modesty, and integrity. One does not easily fall for seduction or other’s influence in the presence of Amethyst stone. It is an effective remedial tool for protecting one from poison and other poisonous substances.