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What Food Should You Never Feed A Dog?

Having a dog in your home is a wonderful thing. They provide companionship, are good for your mental health, and they’ll force you to exercise more too. Often, we treat these pets just like members of the family, and although that’s good in general – they deserve this kind of

How to help your pet lose weight

1. The importance of your dog being at a healthy weight It is important for your dog's overall health and is no different for you. Your dog's lifespan could be shortened without proper nutrition or exercise. As a responsible pet owner, it is up to you to know what steps you

How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Although a pet can be your best friend from day one, your home will not see them the same way. Pets are notorious for damaging homes, and whether they are being naughty or simply molting everywhere, you can often easily tell when someone has a pet living in their house.

What is CBD – How it is useful for pain relief?

The Cannabidiol , also known as CBD is one of the two most important cannabinoid components of the cannabis plant, which is in variable proportions depending on the strain. While in some plants it is minimal, in others it can be the most abundant, or it can be found in proportions more or less equal

Signs of a Moth Infestation

There are multiple types of moths that can infect the clothes, carpets, pantry, or packed food storage in your home, causing mild to irreparable damage. Unfortunately, moth infestation is not always easy to spot in the early stages. That is why people usually call professional moth control only after the situation

How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

A dog is one of the pets who shower the family with unconditional love, affection, and loyalty. Celebrating the pleasure of having a dog as a part of the family by celebrating his birthday is considered the most happening event and is socially accepted by everyone. For some, it is

Important Facts You Need To Know About The Pet Shipping

Pet-shipping is one of the best forms of pet-travel these days. Here, pets are just like human beings. Pets are being offered with all sorts of amenities that can enhance their comfort at the time of shipping. With pet-shipping and dog-shipping the protection dogs in UK are treated just like human

Which is the best dog family protection dog for My family?


This is a question that is often asked and the answer isn’t so straight forward. We first have to look at your family structure and lifestyle. We then not only consider the breeds as a type but also the personalities of each dog. German Shepherd:- Great utility / adaptable dog for