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Perks of Brain-Stimulating Puzzles for Seniors with Dementia

Perks of Brain-Stimulating Puzzles for Seniors with Dementia

As the body grows old, the brain functions also witness a massive slow down in performance. In fact, old age drastically affects the memory power of elderly, thereby inducing them with diseases like Dementia. Well, these changes might be inevitable but, minimizing its effect isn’t. Yes, there’s a solution for everything. All they need to do is stay positive and find ways to fight this disease logically. Wondering how can they do that? Well, staying mentally agile and playing online crossword puzzle can be a great help. It wouldn’t only give their memory the much-needed boost but, also delay the onset of Dementia. Additionally, it’s fun and challenging to play these games. Moreover, as it’s an online game, it comes in handy and can be played anywhere and anytime. Yes, accessing it is that easy.

So, if you know someone suffering from Dementia, motivate them to play free online crossword games. As they go through the brainstorming sessions of these puzzles, they will feel how it challenges the brain to think, plan and remember things in a strategic way. In short, it has everything to help them scale their brain performance. Want to know more about the benefits of playing online crossword puzzles? Well, here is a closer look at it.

  1. Works as a therapy: Dementia often leaves people with a little or no peace of mind. They can be seen getting restless and agitated all the time. However, making them play a game or two crosswords can serve as a therapy they need the most. Since these word games indulge both sides of the brain into extensive mental exercise, it makes the patient forget about the troubles surrounding him/her. This, in turn, puts their mind in a state of meditation and relaxation.
  2. Improved physical health: We all know how mental and physical health goes hand in hand. Thereby, when the mind relaxed and calm, it improves the overall functioning of the body. From lower blood pressure and breathing rate to improved heart rate, a sample of the game of words can help Dementia patients do it all.
  3. Facilitates bonding: Puzzles can serve as a great interactive tool when people with Dementia find it difficult to communicate with others. Playing crosswords in a group trigger collective bonding between people, thereby triggering connection and an ability to start conversations.
  4. Gives life a purpose: For people suffering from Dementia, life really becomes dull and meaningless. Even doing the simplest of tasks becomes difficult for them. Hence, in such situations when they are able to solve a puzzle, it induces them with a sense of accomplishment. It can be a great way to boost their self-confidence and pride.

These are few of the many benefits that playing online crossword puzzle can provide to patients of Dementia. However, apart from it, what they need is the love, care and empathy of their closed ones. It can be a difficult phase for them. So, make sure you support them both emotionally and mentally.

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