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Oh Recruitment Agency Marketing strategy for 2019

Oh Recruitment Agency Marketing strategy for 2019

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These are the general lines we hear from anyone working for their recruitment background.Occupation health jobs are also like one of those which are always in high demand. There are few competitors who offers excellent jobs across territory to work into Occupational health sector. But at Occupational health Staffing are a little more advanced as they have Occupational health jobs as their specialty. Occupational health Staffing are a specialized firm who has centralized the complete focus on providing recruitment to clients / companies wanting to hire manpower in Occupational health department only.

Well while we hear more about such specific dedicated recruitment agencies, it’s always a painful point too when we think of handling the marketing of such agencies. People misunderstand that recruitment branding activities should be carried out by the internal team of the agency itself. The fact is, it’s a joint effort of the company’s employee in branding and talent acquisition leaders and its marketing teams.

A dedicated Marketing team only can make a difference in getting the right results expected out of the varied marketing campaigns carried round across the year to have attracted the double of the market in terms of candidates looking for jobs and clients wanting to hire agencies for occupational health recruitments.  A survey has showed the increasing demand of OH job needs for 2014 to 2024 comparison ratio analysis where a clear idea can be derived in.

Since one knows how great business can be achieved in the coming years from 2019 to more, a right marketing strategy can always fetch in the right business time to time. With almost thousands of recruitment agencies in here, it’s important for recruitment agencies to employ a specific marketing department as it’s necessary to stand out from the competition. Marketing among other methods provides a fuel and right kick start to do exactly we need to.

Today we are here talking about the planning process of marketing. We will learn how to build a solid footstep in market which you can create intelligent strategies. One of which is making a quarterly plan of technique will help us have a forecast our business. It all begins with effective planning from having aims and objectives. Targeted clients/ customers/candidates or audience and having our own Upper Selling Points. Getting this perfectly right helps us to make the right kind of decisions when it comes to making creative or unique marketing strategies.

Another most important part in a marketing plan is to do our homework!! Yes you get that right, its market research. Knowing your competitors better and keeping and hawks eye to everything is good. Although this could be seen as being a little kind of reactive but keeping up with your industry is indeed important, and it states as if you are just being proactive in our own work.

When we look at business with an open mind and observe companies inside and outside the industrial segment is termed to be one of the best way to stay on top of your marketing activities. By doing so you will give your company ideas and inspiration for designing new creative marketing and branding campaigns by having different printing visibilities like having tension banner stands near crowded stores or Public transport area. Marketing helps you to develop your own creative ideas while driving your marketing strategy and making a move for business forward.

Third most important factor is having good branding. Branding is a tool that will make your company instantly recognizable within your industry or segment and even outside of it too. It will generally consist of the logo making scheme and a tagline to start with, but can also look a lot deeper than this too like printing A5 folders for office purpose. Making the A5 flyers and getting them distributed alongside of magazines, newspapers and stores. At the beginning level of any new company, it is usually one of the first things that they decide. While undertaking a branding thing we should not go hasty and have a check once on previous work. One should know where your branding is currently. Does it say what you want it to about your business? Is it aligned across all marketing segments and business essentials?

Another forth point that we highlighted above was rightly to identify your (USP) by whichUnique Selling Propositionas a unique recruitment agency. As part of your marketing plan it is mandatorily important that you should identify your unique selling proposition. This is what you have to offer your new attracted clients and customers/ candidates in the industry that is unique and different to your competitors. Why should you clients/customers/candidates come to your agency and why not to your competitors? Thinking outside the box is always required in recruitment industry as we really think about what value you bring to the candidates or customers lives and businesses. This type of creative and yet qualitative thinking will also give you the chance to create some interesting tactics, strategies and projects with your marketing campaigns.

All this above is just a quick sneak through that works for us when it comes to our marketing efforts and probably it’s worked pretty well for many of us so far. But there are many other techniques and mastering of ideas when it comes to effective planning and management. It’s important to find your own strategy and never hinder to outgrow on of thought that you may be comfortable with into these existing plans.

Sheer Planning in Digital marketing and web marketing Social media platforms and few more, are also truly an essential step to begin with as it helps in creating something which not only stands the best in competitive period in market, but also creates a through thought out process and helps in making the same planning and execution an attempt at capturing the attention of your audience or targeted customers in industry.

For more such insights over the marketing strategies for 2019, stay tuned to our next upcoming article.

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